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This is a guest blog post by Microsoft, a sponsor of the Developer Zone at Dreamforce 2015.

As a continuation of the partnership between Salesforce and Microsoft, we’re happy to have the opportunity to have a big presence in the Developer Zone at Dreamforce 2015 taking place Sept 15-18.  Additionally, we have several sessions to walk Salesforce developers through their cross-platform needs. Here’s a preview of some of the sessions:

Building Mobile Apps with Salesforce and Visual Studio

Moscone West Mobile Theater, Wednesday at 10:45 AM

Businesses often need to be able to connect with their data on-the-go, and connecting to Salesforce has never been easier. Visual Studio 2015 enables .NET and front-end JavaScript web developers to easily become mobile developers. We’ll review how you can build a custom mobile app for iOS, Android, or Windows that connects to Salesforce data with Visual Studio 2015.  To learn more in person, come see Corey O’Brien present in the Mobile Theater within the Developer Zone in Moscone West.

Visual Studio Online and Salesforce Development: Like Chocolate and Peanut Butter

Moscone West Mobile Theater, Thursday at 12:00 PM

Developing software solutions today is a team sport. You and your team need a solid collaboration hub that allows you protect your hard-earned code, have a shared vision of what you’re building, and a way to know what you’ve built is of high quality. Microsoft’s Visual Studio Online does just that in the cloud for any development team including those building Salesforce solutions.

Visual Studio Online is a modern, Microsoft Azure-based cloud hosted solution that provides unlimited private Git repos for you and your team to store their work. You can access Visual Studio Online using any modern standards-based web browser that supports HTML and JavaScript from any modern HTTP enabled operating system. Whether you’re using Windows 10, OS/X, Linux or Unix, you’ll find a welcome home for your teams work with Visual Studio Online.

To see how easy it is to get started with Visual Studio Online for your Apex development as well as get access to some great free tooling to make it easier to integrate Visual Studio Online with your Apex development process, come see Brian A. Randell present Salesforce Team Development with VSOnline & Git in the Mobile Theater within the Developer Zone in Moscone West.

See you at the Dev Zone!
We’re thrilled to be part of the exciting Dev Zone at Dreamforce 2015 and to bring Microsoft and Salesforce technologies together for developers.

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