trailhead-zone Grab your compass and map! Trailhead Zone will be coming to CeBIT this year as part of the Salesforce World Tour @ CeBIT 14-18 March.

Trailhead is the fun and free way to learn Salesforce. Choose what you want to learn, and then earn points and collect badges along the way. You can follow one of the predefined paths or blaze your own trail.

In the Trailhead Zone, the hardworking developers, admins, and implementers who make Salesforce happen in your organization will find hands-on activities, theater talks, and expert helpers to sharpen their App Cloud skills.

Completely new to Salesforce, or thinking of transforming your career? Then Trailhead Zone is just what you need to take your first steps and join the Salesforce community. If you haven’t already signed up for a Developer Edition, sign up ahead of time and shortcut the line!

Stay tuned for more details of specific activities, talks, and the people you can meet!

You can find us at Hall 23 but why wait? Try Trailhead today.

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