Trailhead is the interactive learning environment that is changing how people learn enterprise software. It offers fun and interactive challenges, telling you immediately when you’ve solved the problem at hand. Thousands of admins and developers have earned badges solving challenges on Trailhead.

Trailhead Zone offers a live experience of Trailhead for Salesforce Admins and Developers.

“Trailhead is amazing as a customer experience. Truly blew me away and excited to use it as well as the books/guides I received.” – attendee at Trailhead Zone, NYC

As we announced earlier this month, Trailhead Zone will come to CeBIT March, 2016 as part of Salesforce World Tour @ Cebit. So what Salesforce activities can you expect to find?

Trailhead Quest to Win a Prize

Just like Trailhead offers points and badges as you accomplish your goals, Trailhead Zone will offer real live prizes.

The prizes will include an adorable Astro stuffed doll (see the picture below), a mug, or a mobile device power bank.

Trailhead Zone

Any visitors to Trailhead Zone can get a prize by completing a two part quest.

Watch a Demo

The Trailhead Zone will be crawling with Salesforce experts, both from Salesforce and from our developer and admin community. Stop by one of the demo pods, watch a demo and you will be on your way to completing your quest.

Trailhead Demo

Complete a Quick Start

Quick starts are short exercises where you can build apps using Salesforce App Cloud. These are typically 10-15 minutes in length.

Each exercise focuses on one particular feature such as Lightning Experience, Lightning Components, or maybe just building your first app on App Cloud.

Trailhead Quick Start

Relax in the Trailhead Lounge

Conference can be exciting, engaging, but can also make for a long day. Everyone needs a chance to relax and take a break. Stop by the Trailhead lounge to refresh, recharge, before you tackle the next exciting part of your day.

Trailhead Library

At the Trailhead Library, you can find copies of Fundamentals, the must have first text of learning to build apps in the Salesforce App Cloud.

Trailhead Theater

You can expect technical talks and speakers at the Trailhead theater. A detailed post introducing the agenda will come the week before CeBIT.

Trailhead Theater

Trailhead @ CeBIT promises to be an experience not to be missed. Make your way to Hall 23 to find it. But then, why wait? Try Trailhead today.

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