Zip around our dev docs even faster! We’ve made some improvements to the navigation in the Developer Docs portal.

  • When you filter the list of dev guides by keyword, the list updates automatically as you type. You no longer need an extra keystroke (ENTER) to get your results. Now that’s what we call dynamic!

  • If you navigate to a page that has children, the selected page in the TOC is automatically expanded. This way, it’s obvious to you that there’s more related content at your disposal.

  • When you navigate from one page to another within a guide, only the content is updated. Before, the entire page reloaded. We hope this saves you some loading time, especially if you’re jumping around a lot within, say, the Apex Developer Guide.

Don’t worry! We’re hard at work on more improvements — these ones geared towards bringing you the next generation of Salesforce dev docs. Interested in participating in user testing? Got a sweet idea for how we can make our docs better? Let us know!

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