Salesforce World Tour Thousands of people are joining us at this years London Salesforce Tour to discover how to create their own apps on the Salesforce App Cloud.  Here is a quick guide to what you can find in the Trailhead Zone.

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Hear from our community of experts

Admin theatre – a full day of talks from the Salesforce community, aimed at making admins even more awesome (full schedule below)

Admin breakout session – at 3pm in Room 4 Mike Gerholdt & Gillian Madill  present “New Features for Salesforce Admins”

Developer theatre – talks from the Salesforce MVP’s, Partners and customers, introducing development on the App Cloud platform as well as deeper dives into how to work with some of the platforms key features (full schedule below)

Developer breakout session – at 4pm Peter Chittum will give a deep dive into modern development on the Salesforce App Cloud in the breakout area.

Trailhead Zone theatre schedules for London Salesforce Tour 2016

(Click the image above for the full view of the speakers)

Trailhead Quest Congratulations Prizes to win

By talking to our experts on the demo stations and trying out Trailhead in the quickstart area you can get a Trailhead Zone prize.  Simply collect a Trailhead Quest card from the Trailhead welcome desk.

Demo stations in the Admin & Developer Zones to show you the kind of apps that can be built and how to build them.

Hands on experience with Quickstarts – try building apps on the platform yourself with the help of Trailhead and our experts at hand to guide you.

Trailhead rewards station is where you choose which prize you wish to collect, including the Fundamentals, the foundation book to building your own apps.

Why not tweet about your prizes using #SalesforceTour

A safe place to visit

At all Salesforce events we create a safe space for everyone and ask that all Salesforce staff, speakers and attendees abide by the Salesforce Code of Conduct.  At all Salesforce events we also have security checks, so if you are bringing bags with you please allow a little extra time to get into the event.

If you cannot make the event, you can also try out Trailhead at home or in your office and learn how to build apps on the Salesforce App Cloud

Admin & Developer Zone Theatre Schedules


Admin Theatre

  Developer Theatre


Integrate External Data With Lightning Connect

 Building Innovative Apps with Force


The Lightning Process Builder & The Growing Role Of The Salesforce Admin

 Custom Publishers for Chatter


Closed for Keynote

  Closed for Keynote


-F How To Foster Admin Engagement and Understanding using Agile Principles

 Build Modern Salesforce Apps with Lightning Components


Achieving Awesome Adoption Through Training and Support

 Integration with Salesforce Connect & Custom Extensions


 Blazing the Trail from Solo Admin to CoE

Programmatic Process Automation with Apex Triggers


 Insight to Action with Wave Analytics & Custom Actions

Building “Sage Live” App with Lightning


 Data Migration Made Easy

Build Pixel Perfect Apps with the Salesforce Lightning Design System


 Service Nirvana with Salesforce Omni-Channel

Lightning Out: Components on Any Platform


Security and Your Salesforce org

 Wave Platform – Analytics REST API in Action


 Drive productivity and Collaboration with Salesforce Files Connect Responsive App Design & Salesforce Lightning Design System


 Getting Started with Lightning Components

  Intro to Heroku: Build Great Customer Apps Quickly and Easily


An Admin’s Role in Transforming a Charity for Success Release management best practices


Mastering Person Accounts

 Apex Best Practices


 Salesforce Trivia with Mike & Gillian Asynchronous Apex Processing

Look forward to meeting you all soon at the London Salesforce Tour and helping you get more points & badges on Trailhead.

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Thank you

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