If you’re an ISV that’s released an app using Shield Platform Encryption, there are some important changes coming in Summer ’16. Some of these changes may result in failed package installations and runtime errors.

Specifically, the following scenarios are possible:

  • Your package installation will fail if the customer has encrypted one or more fields and is installing your package that uses these fields in an unsupported manner.
  • A customer that has installed your package may not be able to encrypt these fields anymore.
  • A runtime error will occur if your package embeds an unsupported SOQL clause in a dynamic SOQL request on an encrypted field.

If customers can’t encrypt the fields they want, they will either not buy your package, or uninstall it. So it’s very important you take immediate action to make your packages comply with these recent changes.

The following detailed document guides your encryption strategy and provides a six-step process to adapt your package to Shield Platform Encryption: https://developer.salesforce.com/page/ISVPlatformEncryption.

About the Authors

Daniel Jallais & Marc Kuster are ISV Technical Evangelists here at Salesforce, they work with ISV Partners developing business solutions on the Salesforce AppCloud.
in/marckuster | twitter: @marckuster

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