The Mobile SDK team is excited to announce the release of the Salesforce Mobile SDK 4.2. This release includes the latest update to SQLCipher, with full-text search support and native JSON storage, performance speedups, updates to newer versions of underlying libraries, and many other features and fixes.

SmartStore library updates

With the upgrade to SQLCipher 3.4, SmartStore now supports native JSON indexes, through the JSON1 extension. SmartStore soups can now apply the more flexible indexing to boost app performance and enable blistering-fast full-text search. We have also added automatic lastModified and Created indexes for enhanced data management.

iOS – kSoupIndexTypeJSON1

Android – SmartStore.Type.json1

JavaScript for Cordova / ReactNative

Clean your SmartSync “ghost records”

Offline data synchronization can sometime lead to users having access to records that are no longer relevant or applicable. For situations when record ownership is frequently re-assigned, we have added a new function that will efficiently remove records that a particular user should no longer access.

Enforce Authorized Servers List

Through a new MDM policy, SDK apps can be configured to only have an authorized list of servers, removing the ability to see the default or add custom hosts for access to unapproved orgs and enhance security.

Android: Networking library updated to okHttp

We have replaced Volley with okHttp, which is better maintained  and enables more options at the network layer.

React Native updated to .27

React Native is constantly evolving. We’ll continue to work on adopting newer versions as they become available


Please try the new SDK and update your apps. We look forward to your success stories and feedback.

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