The Internet of Things is a curiosity to some developers, a cutting edge industry to others, and a wealth of opportunities to more. This year we made a special effort to showcase a diversity of solutions to give developers a sense of what things are possible. Head on over to the IoT Cabin, the best place to get your questions answered, see live demonstrations, and get hands-on tinkering.

Visit the IoT Cabin

In the cabin itself, we have consumer-friendly offerings.

  • SureFlap is returning this year to showcase their ability to herd cats and manage a cat’s daily life in the cloud.
  • Lutron is back to demonstrate smart lighting, controlled by devices such as an Amazon Echo and the Apple Watch.
  • Watts Water is playing it cool with their SunTouch brand of WiFi-capable thermostats.
  • And while you probably won’t find a New England Biolabs Freezer in your average kitchen, their solution offers researchers a streamlined and innovative way of storing and monitoring valuable biological material.

Although we couldn’t fit it into the cabin, you’ll want to see the demonstration from Freight Farms, who have put an impressive amount of technology into freight containers to transform them into climate-controlled, indoor, hydroponic vertical farms. Attendees will be able to see the cutting edge of food revolution at work, and how all of these demonstrations integrate with Xively’s IoT Platform, Heroku, and Salesforce.

Explore our Sponsored Demos

The IoT Cabin sponsors are bringing their own unique experiences to the IoT floor. Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect:

  • Deloitte Digital has been talking about some interesting work, I can’t go into the details here – but can say it will likely rhyme with “Google Cardboard.”
  • ThingWorx is returning to showcase their development platform for IoT.
  • Emerson will be showing their IoT technology and how it works with Salesforce IoT Cloud.
  • Litmus Automation will be able to demonstrate their middleware for connecting cloud based services and devices.
  • Dell Boomi will show how their PaaS solution works with IoT scenarios.
  • Micrium is returning to show their Real Time OS and work with embedded devices.
  • has demos around bots and automation using their integrated PaaS product.
  • Consumer Physics is returning to show their SCiO pocket analyzer.
  • Losant will be demoing their SDK’s and workflows for easily creating IoT solutions.
  • Yonomi will show people how they can connect to smart home devices through the cloud.
  • Calorie Cloud create fitness based challenges online and will be kicking off a challenge just for Dreamforce.

The IoT Cabin’s major sponsor, Xively, will be present to show their technology on the floor. With their simple integration, Xively bridges the gap between IoT connected devices and cloud-based solutions. Through the Xively IoT Platform Connector for Heroku Add-on, companies get their product data quickly into Salesforce, with no heavy development or coding required. You can read the success stories of those companies and more from Xively’s site.

Get Hands-on

As in past years, our sponsors will be hosting hands-on workshops for attendees.You can find this in Agenda Builder by filtering on the “Internet of Things” theme.  Workshops start are hour long and start nearly every hour. You can see the full list of workshops on my personal blog We’re also hosting a special workshop from Electric Imp, debuting the first ever IoT Trailhead proj ect, about making your fridge smarter. And another special workshop brought by our friends over at the Salesforce IoT Cloud.

And so you’re probably thinking, “how can I see and do all that?” But that’s only about half of what’s going on! The other half is a secret, but might have something to do with Legos, Virtual Reality,  and beacon based navigation.  Courtesy of Hirebotics, we might even give you a reason to play with a robot arm. Mum’s the word, and I can say no more. It’s going to be a lot of fun, so follow myself, Emily Rose and of course Salesforce Developers on Twitter, as we will be sending out more information over the next couple of weeks in the ramp up to the big show.

See you at the cabin!

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