We are excited to announce the release of Salesforce Mobile SDK 4.3 – available now! The Salesforce Mobile SDK empowers you to build custom mobile applications with amazing user experiences. You can build natively, or use your favorite JavaScript frameworks, and benefit from features such as secure data access, identity, offline storage, push notifications, and much more, all backed by the trusted enterprise-grade Salesforce platform.

  • SmartStore Library Enhancement – SmartStore now lets your apps use the file storage system for saving large JSON elements that don’t fit well in a database-like structure.
  • React Native Update – React Native has been updated to version 0.30.0 as it continues to evolve.
  • iOS: Cordova Update – We’ve updated the Cordova platform to 4.2.0. This update lays the foundation for leveraging WKWebView performance improvements in future releases.
  • Android: SQLCipher Update – As part of our Trust commitment to security–and to support the Android Nougat platform–we’ve updated the SQLCipher library to 3.5.2.

As always, please try the new version and share your thoughts and success stories on our Google Plus Community.


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