If you’ve been to Dreamforce or the TrailheaDX Developer Conference, you know that we weave equality into everything we do. So, what’s in the works for TrailheaDX 2017? Here are 3 things to put on your TrailheaDX “must do” list.

1. Learn ally skills

Get hands on in the Quick Start area with the Equality Ally Strategies module. You might even get a groovy sticker to show off your new ally skills.

Equality Ally Strategies badge

2. Hear from the “other” CEO

#EqualityForAll is a core value at Salesforce. Hear firsthand from Tony Prophet, Salesforce’s Chief Equality Officer, in Equality Innovation: How Technology is Driving Social Change as he moderates a panel of special guests who are using emerging technologies to drive social change.

Salesforce Chief Equality Officer Tony Prophet

Salesforce Chief Equality Officer Tony Prophet

3. Attend these interactive sessions

Equality Champions Build Better Apps

Being a member of an underrepresented group can be isolating. Sometimes an employee is the only person on their team, or even their entire department from that group. Having teammates who support equality matters a lot. Learn how to make your team stronger by being an equality champion.

How Does Salesforce Cultivate Equality?

Does art imitate life or does life imitate art? Join us to see how a Trailhead trail turned into a full day experience for Salesforce executives learning to cultivate equality. Take away practical tips to implement at any level in the organization to improve equality, diversity, and inclusion in your organization.

Ally is a Verb

Women can’t solve sexism. LGBTQ people can’t solve homophobia. Black people can’t solve racism. We all need to link arms to support each other in the fight for equality on all fronts. Join us to hear from Salesforce employees who stand out as taking action as allies to all.

Community-Run Learning (Powered by Trailhead)

Interested in hearing how Trailhead helps create structure for your group learning and mentorship programs? Join us and learn about easy-to-run programs you can start at your workplace and for your community. We’ll provide tangible examples and starting points for both point-and-click and programmatic development programs. Learn best practices from long-standing programs like Trailhead4All, Salesforce Saturdays, and RAD Women.

Check out these talks and more sessions on our event site!

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