Are you developing with Heroku, or wondering where to start? Either way, you’re invited to join us at TrailheaDX – the must-attend Salesforce developer event of the year! The adventure begins on June 28, and we’re planning two days packed full of fun networking, chances to give back to the community, and 140+ technical sessions featuring lots of luminary speakers. And if you’re not already developing with Heroku, then TrailheaDX is the perfect chance to learn how to create robust apps using your favorite languages and tools, while maintaining the enterprise trust and control you need. Read on to discover what trailblazers can learn about Heroku at TrailheaDX.

1. Get hands-on with the latest Salesforce and Heroku technologies

One of the best parts about TrailheaDX is checking out Salesforce’s latest product demos and getting hands-on with the newest technology. With 25+ product demos, 14 hands-on workshops, and lots of opportunities to gets hands-on at Camp QuickStart and Mini hack Basin, there is no shortage of opportunities to get into the code. At TrailheaDX, you’ll learn:

  • Rapid prototyping with Heroku and the Lightning Design System Starter Kit in a hands-on technical workshop.
  • Integration of Heroku with Salesforce in under 30 minutes by earning the Heroku Connect Trailhead badge.
  • How to extend Salesforce with Heroku, and use any language when deploying, managing and scaling apps by checking out demos staffed by the Heroku product team.

2. Attend these top technical sessions & more

Continuously Delivering, Managing, & Scaling Apps: A Tour of Heroku

Join us as we explore the Heroku developer experience, designed to help you build, deploy, and manage everything from last night’s hack to large, complex applications. You’ll get a tour of Heroku’s many deployment options, a demonstration of how to attach 3rd party add-ons in a single click, establish a team-based continuous delivery pipeline, and gain visibility into the runtime characteristics of a production application using metrics.

Manipulating Millions of Salesforce Records Using Heroku Connect & Postgres

As your Salesforce deployment grows, you’ll need to query, manipulate, and unlock the value of millions of rows of data both in and out of Salesforce. Learn best practices for configuring Heroku Connect, including how best to sync bi-directionally between Salesforce and Heroku Postgres, and how to use data from Heroku apps to drive custom business processes.

Building Modern Apps with Heroku Private Spaces to Protect Sensitive Data

Multinational companies face a slew of concerns when building apps: reducing latency for users far from your servers, ensuring sensitive data records remain private, securely connecting to enterprise resources, and enabling development teams to build microservice-based architectures. This session uses Heroku Private Spaces to demonstrate advanced trust and network controls that help your team build scalable apps that store, retrieve, and use sensitive data. Learn how to use continuous delivery to promote changes from development to production apps running in multiple global regions.

3. Network and have fun

Besides the technical, hands-on demos and sessions, TrailheaDX is a great chance to meet the Heroku product team and thousands of other developers. Join us to make new friends and reconnect with others. Win prizes in our Trailhead Quest and have fun at our epic party! TrailheaDX is June 28-29 at Moscone West in San Francisco. $499 early bird tickets are going fast.

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Can’t wait for TrailheaDX to get started? Get started Integrating Salesforce with Heroku in this fun, 30 min Trailhead project.

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