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In March 2017, Salesforce and IBM announced a game-changing partnership. IBM and Salesforce have united to deliver joint solutions that will leverage artificial intelligence and enable companies to make smarter decisions, faster than ever before. IBM Watson, the leading AI platform for business, and Salesforce Einstein, the AI that powers the world’s #1 CRM, will seamlessly connect to enable an entirely new level of intelligent customer engagement.

We are thrilled to announce our summit sponsorship at TrailheaDX, where you’ll learn about:

  • Integrating IBM Watson APIs into Salesforce to surface predictive insights from unstructured data, inside or outside an enterprise, together with predictive insights from customer data delivered by Salesforce Einstein to enable smarter, faster decisions.
  • Informing critical customer interactions and driving business performance with The Weather Company weather insights for Salesforce. Building solutions using new Lightning components for guiding conversations, triggering service-driven alerts and providing greater business context. ​
  • Quickly and effectively connecting existing enterprise data with Salesforce to unlock business insights using IBM Cloud Integration for Salesforce.

You can stop by our expo booth to speak to specialists, and attend our three sessions:

  • IBM Cloud Tools to Help Accelerate Your Salesforce Integration Projects
  • The Weather Company: Building Weather Apps That Transform Business
  • Two Data Scientists, Watson and Einstein, Get on a Sales Call…

Here’s what you can expect to get out of each session you attend.

IBM Cloud Tools to Help Accelerate Your Salesforce Integration Projects

IBM Cloud Integration showcases capabilities to accelerate your integration projects by helping you easily integrate Watson APIs, process real-time Salesforce events, access OpenWhisk serverless compute, and more. Cloud Integration helps developers capitalize on integrating data quickly and efficiently, spanning solutions like real time events, on-demand integration, and bulk and wave analytics.

Real-time event processing has become common for new integration projects. IBM’s offerings support each event generation method including a no-code approach to automated notifications and once-only critical updates.

In addition to change notifications handled by the real time events pattern, many integration projects require on-demand access to data in Salesforce for CRUD operations. Again, you can use a no-code approach to retrieve and update Salesforce data. The Salesforce connector is one of many applications available in the drag-and-drop experience to handle common integration routines. Bulk API and Wave Analytics APIs form the bedrock of Salesforce integration, and IBM provides extensive support to assist with your data integration scenarios and analytics.

The Weather Company: Building Weather Apps That Transform Business

Bring that universal talking point of weather to your client interaction every day. The Weather Company offers weather insights for Salesforce to help you start the conversation, opening up opportunities using Watson and Einstein to help you better communicate important, hyperlocal, personalized information to your clients to build trust and deepen connections. The Weather Company brings the weather and insight into the conversation, and Salesforce allows you to make this insight actionable in meaningful ways for your clients’ businesses.

Join us at TrailHeaDX for a special presentation with René Winkelmeyer (Salesforce developer evangelist) and The Weather Company’s Matthew Porcelli (sales engineer, meteorologist and storm chaser) as they explore the use of weather data within Salesforce and unmanaged weather components on Github for developers. Learn how you can trigger weather-based actions, improve service delivery, provide better customer touchpoints, and build stronger, more lasting relationships.

101 guide to how Watson and Einstein work together

In March 2017, IBM and Salesforce announced a strategic partnership agreement to connect our artificial intelligence platforms (Watson and Einstein, respectively).
This opens new opportunities for Salesforce developers and data scientists. Come to this session to learn how to start taking advantage of the partnership between these two platforms by leveraging IBM & Salesforce tools, APIs and data. IBM will share how a data science team can further explore sales data using IBM Data Science Experience.

The announcement that IBM and Salesforce would be integrating our artificial intelligence platforms opened up a lot of new opportunities for Salesforce developers and data scientists. Watson can understand all forms of data, interact naturally with people, and learn and reason – at scale.

Start working with Watson for free on IBM Bluemix today

Together, Salesforce and IBM have created a way for Salesforce users to seamlessly connect and enable an entirely new level of intelligent customer engagement across sales, service, marketing, commerce and more. To find out more about how this landmark partnership can deliver innovative solutions for your business, join us at our sessions and expo booth at TrailheaDX. Until then, learn more about how to accelerate your decision-making and drive greater customer success by visiting our website.

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