Salesforce and GitHub are thrilled to offer you six free months of Github for Business. You’ll get unlimited private repositories for up to five users on a fantastic cloud-based version control platform. How sweet is that?

Privacy first!

You’ve gotten through the Salesforce DX getting-started material, and you want to dive in. The trouble is: your GitHub account only has public repositories! You want to use GitHub to continue your Salesforce DX dive, but you don’t think you should put your company’s proprietary code into a public repository. That’s a smart instinct. At the same time, you are not sure you are ready to pay for private repositories while you get going.

Enter this promotion! You’ll be able to create a new, Github for Business organization that gives five GitHub accounts unlimited private repositories for six months. This will allow you to take your new knowledge and enthusiasm, and safely apply it to your company’s application. You and your team will have time to get a feel for how Salesforce DX works, without having to commit to paying for a long-term contract.

The version control system we use

Here on the Salesforce DX team, we love GitHub. As you’ve gone through our Trailhead modules and our documentation, you’ve probably noticed it in most of our examples. There are many reasons for this! GitHub is cloud-based, just like Salesforce. It provides a browser-based UI for easy visibility and demonstrations. GitHub is easy to set up, and powerful once you’ve mastered it. Plus, for all of the getting-started work, GitHub is free.

It’s important to note that we’ve designed Salesforce DX to integrate to any version control system. The choice is yours! The CLI is able to connect your Salesforce environments to your application regardless of your choice in version control technology. If you already have a corporate standard of Perforce, you can use that. (You probably didn’t read this far, though, since you’re already all set!)

GitHub is very useful for the Salesforce DX team. The team is large, and is distributed, and we’ve built many test applications. We’ve also built Salesforce DX, of course! We have found GitHub to be a perfect way to share and collaborate.

You’re gonna love it

With Salesforce DX, we’re prescriptive in our endorsement of source-driven development, and our commitment to letting you build with the tools you use and love. We hope that by providing you with opportunities like this, we can help your teams continue to build faster with Salesforce DX.  So what are you waiting for? Get your free 6 months of Github for Business now, and if you haven’t already, make sure you check out our awesome GitHub and continuous integration Trailhead modules!

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