In the recent Salesforce DX series we introduced you to the concepts of Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) using Salesforce DX. With this blog post we’re announcing the availability of Salesforce buildpacks for Heroku Pipelines.

Salesforce buildpacks and Heroku Flow

Heroku Flow is an offering that combines Heroku Pipelines, Review Apps, Heroku CI and GitHub integrations into a structured workflow for Continuous Delivery. This blog post by the Heroku team gives you a great overview of how Flow works, and what it’s moving parts are.

The new Salesforce buildpacks allow you to leverage the capabilities of Heroku Flow, like automated testing of GitHub pull requests. They also provide mechanisms for automated creation of unlocked packages as well as metadata deploys to Salesforce orgs, like sandboxes or even your production org.

See it here in action:

While the buildpacks include standard functionality, like running Apex tests using Heroku CI, you can fully customize behavior, like automated data import for test runs, adding Lightning Testing Service, and more. Stay tuned for upcoming posts where we’ll dig deeper into these new capabilities, in combination with unlocked packages.

Your next steps

With the availability of the buildpacks, we’re bringing together Salesforce development and Heroku deployment. Check out the sample repository and build your first Salesforce Pipeline with Heroku Flow. The buildbacks are fully open-source and will continue to evolve, based on your contributions.

If you have ideas for updates, additional functionality, or even find a bug, please file an issue. If you want to contribute, feel free to fork the repos and send a pull request.

About the author

René Winkelmeyer works as Principal Developer Evangelist at Salesforce. He focuses on enterprise integrations, mobile, and security with the Salesforce Platform. You can follow him on Twitter @muenzpraeger.

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