We are so excited about TrailheaDX ’18 and so are our amazing sponsors! This event wouldn’t be possible without their support. Join us at #TDX18 to meet them and ask them questions about how their products can help you build customer apps people love.

AutoRABIT, the Continuous Delivery suite for SaaS platforms

AutoRABIT, the Continuous Delivery suite for SaaS platforms, automates and accelerates the entire application development and release process. With its out-of-the-box features, AutoRABIT drives business agility and implements CI (Continuous Integration), CD (Continuous Development), and DevOps practices efficiently. It helps enterprises achieve higher release velocity (Days instead of weeks/months), and faster time-to-market. AutoRABIT complements and extends Salesforce DX while offering end-to-end integration.

ARVault (AutoRABIT’s backup and recovery solution) streamlines Salesforce data, simplifies data backup challenges, and provides disaster recovery and endpoint data protection on cloud. AutoRABIT’s unique solution for Mule helps companies simplify, accelerate and continuously deliver their MuleSoft implementations. Contact us to know more.

Find out more about AutoRABIT’s sessions at TrailheaDX’18:
Bootstrapping DX in Your Enterprise – Benefits, Challenges, Solutions and ROI
Salesforce – Proven Platform Development with DevOps & Agile

Copado Solutions: The leading provider of Salesforce Release Management

Copado Solutions is a leading provider of Salesforce Release Management and Continuous Delivery Solutions. Their platform helps Salesforce customers manage their end-to-end release management processes as well as compliance and testing automation requirements. At TrailheaDX ’18, Copado is excited to introduce Copado DX, a complete solution that leverages Salesforce DX throughout the entire development lifecycle. Copado DX is fully integrated with the Copado Release Management process. Using Copado, you’ll be in the fast lane to take your ideas all the way to production.

Find out more about Copado Solutions’ sessions at TrailheaDX ’18:
Copado Developer eXperience
Copado Solutions: Development and Release Management

CRMfusion: Become a data quality superhero

CRMfusion, a Salesforce application development partner, provides Admin productivity software for data quality, de-duplication and data maintenance. The “Swiss Army Knife” of data quality solutions includes:

  • DemandTools- Salesforce Administrators’ Power Toolset to cleanse, standardize and more!
  • PeopleImport- The ultimate tool to import lists, de-duplicate against existing Leads, Contacts, Accounts and more!
  • DupeBlocker – Real-time de-duplication running within Salesforce across all objects

CRMfusion has been providing cutting-edge data quality software solutions since 2004 and provides over 10,000 Admins worldwide the tools to clean, de-duplicate, standardize and avoid future duplications in their data.

Find out more about CRMfusion’s sessions at TrailheaDX’18:
Develop an Automated Data Quality Process (1)
Develop an Automated Data Quality Process (2)

DocuSign: Calling all Developers and Admins

At TrailheaDX ’18, visit the DocuSign booth for our session, “Clicks, Code, Customized DocuSign,” where we’ll discuss the integration of DocuSign for Salesforce. We’ll show you invokable actions, recipes, Process Builder, APEX toolkit, and DocuSign Payments. Then be sure to join us for our session, “DocuSign in Less Than 60 Seconds,” where we talk admin functionality and custom buttons. You’ll learn how to automate common tasks and standardize processes, which results in saved time and reduced errors! Explore the DocuSign Developer Center and be sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest news.

Find out more about DocuSign’s sessions at TrailheaDX’18:
DocuSign in Less Than 60 Seconds
Clicks, Codes, Customized DocuSign

Gearset: Ingeniously simple release management

Join Gearset at TrailheaDX ’18 and experience the Salesforce release management solution designed for everyone. Built on deployment best-practice, Gearset helps companies of all sizes — from freelance consultants to the Fortune 5 — revolutionize their release management. Whether you’re looking to adopt an Agile release process, improve developer collaboration, or speed up project delivery, Gearset can help. Top features include easy metadata and data deployments, Salesforce DX integration, and powerful automation. Chat with one of our deployment experts for a tailored consultation and see how much simpler your release management can be. Learn more and start your free trial at Gearset.com.

Find out more about Gearset’s sessions at TrailheaDX’18:
10 Principles of Modern Release Management
A Practical Guide to Git-based Development

Come meet our sponsors in-person at their sessions — it’s the best way to see what they’re all about! Register for #TDX18 today.

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