We hope you’ve enjoyed our 10-day Summer ’18 journey to pick up the freshest tips on how to best develop with Salesforce! In case you missed out on our spiffy emails, we’ve collected all the fun #Ready4Summer18 tidbits into this nifty blog post.

Day 1: Lightning Framework

Why does Codey snorkel instead of scuba? Because he is beary weary of his oxygen tank levels!

Day 1 is all about Lightning Components. Editing data with Lightning Components is made super easy in Summer ’18 with the addition of the recordForm component and addition of editable cells in dataTable. Summer ’18 also makes the Component Library generally available, updates some of the CSS names as well as some events. Learn more here.

Day 2: Lightning APIs

Why was there thunder and lightning in the coworking space? The developers were brainstorming!

Day 2 is all about Lightning APIs. New APIs in Summer ’18 provide JavaScript with new and updated functionality. The Navigation API allows for controlling and querying URL’s while the updated QuickAction API offers a whole new take on working with quick actions in your org. Learn more here.

Day 3 – Lightning Platform – Metadata

Have you ever met a data you didn’t like!?

In case we didn’t make it obvious to you, day 3 is on Metadata. Metadata updates for Summer ’18 include a preview of the coverage report, better control for enabling metadata access and improvements on custom metadata types. Join #metamoose and integrate today. Learn more here.

Day 4 – Lightning Platform – Apex

Why do Java programmers have to wear glasses? Because they don’t C#!

Day 4 is all about Apex. Apex has added many new features over the years. Summer ’18 gives developers the much-loved switch statement, updated classes, better access to the developer name of objects and the ability to compile on deploy. All of these features are generally available with the Summer ’18 release. Learn more here.

Day 5 – Lightning Experience – Flow

We want to make sure you’re swimming in the newest ways to develop using Lightning Flow!

Day 5 is on Lightning Flow updates. Using Lightning Components as Flow Actions will be generally available with Summer ’18. This allows developers to supercharge flow with fine tune custom functionality. Flow is also being added to Professional and Essential editions, has updates to debugging and errors, and the ability to track progress via stages is now generally available. Learn more here.

Day 6 – Lightning Platform – Release in a Box

Hey, where do lightning bolts go on dates?! To the cloud!

With every new release comes new, fun ways of telling you all about new ways to develop! Check out the Release in a Box resource to watch great videos on topics like the improved Lightning Navigation Customization, Lightning Stylesheets for Visualforce and so much more. Learn more here.

Day 7 – IoT Updates

Why did the techie couple decide to eat out for dinner instead of staying in? The refrigerator and the stove stopped talking to each other!

Day 7 is on IoT. Summer ’18 makes it easier than ever to keep an eye on your IoT visualizations by including a preview of Orchestration Trackers and a new activity log to track performance. Learn more here.

Day 8 – Salesforce DX – User Specific Debugging

What is debugging? Being the detective in a crime movie where you are also the murderer! 🕵️‍♀️

Day 8’s topic is on Salesforce DX and User Specific Debugging. The Salesforce CLI is constantly being updated and for Summer ’18 there are new commands for generating plugins with oclif and tailing your Apex logs. Learn more here.

Day 9 – Analytics: Reports and Dashboards and Einstein Analytics

How many Einsteins does it take to change a lightbulb? That depends on the speed of the changer and the mass of the bulb. Or vice versa. Then again, it might just be easier to leave the bulb alone and change the room. It’s all relative!

Our reporting tools move forward in Summer ’18 with the Lightning Experience Report Builder becoming generally available and Lightning Joined Reports entering beta. If you want to make your development life smarter, the ability to add discovery recommendations in Einstein Analytics to any Salesforce object is also now generally available. Learn more here.

Day 10 – Einstein: Forecasting and Bots

We’re sad to see you go but happy we had 10 days of Y-O-U!

An ode to you:
Today is the last day to finish your trailmix
We hope you learned a ton and got your feature fix
You’ll now develop with Salesforce even better than before
Share what you learned on Twitter, we want to see you soar!

Einstein: Forecasting and Bots

Bring out the bots! Einstein Bots are now generally available. Make your customer experience easier by being able to automate common requests. Use Einstein Bot Builder to develop interactive experiences that can bridge between customers and analytics. Learn more here.


#Ready4Summer18 was a fun way to explore the best of the Summer ’18 release. The trailmix is still available as a resource and we encourage to complete it and earn the Summer ’18 Release Highlights badge. Thank you for participating, checking out the content and giving us helpful feedback along the way. We look forward to making #Ready4Winter19 even better!

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