There are a few clouds that Salesforce developers can use to drive growth to businesses and create personalized customer experiences. Commerce Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Service Cloud all serve different functions: Commerce Cloud delivers seamless shopping experiences, Marketing Cloud drives consumer engagement, and Service Cloud is there for user support.

As a developer, you can use tools like APIs and SDKs to customize and power customer experiences through these clouds. At TrailheaDX’18, we showcased how you can utilize some of these tools. Check out some of our favorite Commerce Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Service Cloud session recordings from TDX18!

Introduction to Commerce Cloud’s Open Commerce API’s (OCAPI)

Connect external web applications like mobile apps, ratings and reviews, and more in Commerce Cloud with Open Commerce APIs (OCAPI). Get a crash course in improving core e-commerce functionality from principal software engineer Andre Huss and technical architect Jeff Labarbera. (Level: Beginner)

What’s New for Commerce Cloud Developers

Product managers Andrew Lawrence and Terence Tirella and software engineer Jan Kruger talked about all the latest innovations for Commerce Cloud developers. A couple of highlights included a Swagger-based Open Commerce API (OCAPI) Explorer and the new Mobile-First Reference Architecture to serve as a framework for site design. (Level: Intermediate)

The Content Block SDK and the Marketing Cloud SDK Playground

The new Content Block SDK allows developers to create customized block widgets, which in turn helps marketers create better emails. Product management directors Sanjay Nagamangalam and Donald Owens and software architect Thomas Besluau also gave an inside look into the Marketing Cloud SDK Playground. (Level: Intermediate)

Service Cloud Goes Mobile

Product designers Liz Fox and Kristen Muramoto talked about delivering customer support on-the-go with native iOS and Android apps for Service Cloud. Developer highlights for these new apps include case management, bulk actions, and notifications. (Level: Intermediate)

Integrate Customer Experiences Across Commerce, Marketing, and Service

All of the clouds we spoke about in this blog post can cross-function with one another thanks to Commerce Cloud Community Suite Cartridges for Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud. Learn how to get one unified view of your customers in this presentation by senior solutions architect Jonathan Langevin. (Level: Advanced)

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More resources

Check out the Service Cloud Snap-ins for Mobile Apps SDK module on Trailhead.

If you can make it to Chicago this week, be sure to grab a Free Expo+ pass to Connections from June 12-14! It’s the can’t-miss digital marketing, commerce, and service event of the year and you’ll have the opportunity to dive deeper into all of those clouds.

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