Going to Dreamforce this September? Want to skill up and get certification-ready? We got you! Make the most of your #DF18 experience and immerse yourself in 3 days of hands-on learning with Trailhead experts by signing up for a NEW pre-Dreamforce Bootcamp.

You’ll have seven tracks in all to choose from to tickle your learning tastebuds. This year, we’re presenting four developer-specific Bootcamps including Coding for Admins, Platform Developer I, Developing Applications using Salesforce DX and Heroku Pipelines, and Commerce Cloud Digital Developer.

Developer-based Bootcamps to fit your needs

Join us and you’ll get to work through real code samples alongside your fellow developer Trailblazers, supported by expert instructors from Trailhead. Whether you’re writing your first Apex class or learning Javascript for Commerce Cloud, we have a developer-based Bootcamp for you.

Here’s what you’ll learn in our developer-focused Bootcamps:

  • Coding for Admins
    You’ll learn the fundamentals of implementing business logic using Apex, the object-oriented programming language of the Salesforce Platform. First, you’ll learn how to read Apex code, then you’ll gradually increase your programming skills from writing single debugging statements to programming multiple, multi-line blocks of code.
  • Platform Developer 1
    You’ll learn how to customize your Salesforce applications using programming languages supported by the Salesforce Platform, then get hands-on experience building data objects and writing Apex code to retrieve, manipulate, and store the data associated with those objects. This track culminates in a learning exercise where you’ll build a complex trigger that takes advantage of the declarative aspects of the platform.
  • Developing Applications using Salesforce DX and Heroku Pipelines
    You’ll get hands-on experience with the newest Developer tools and learn how to develop and manage applications using Salesforce DX and Heroku. You’ll learn how to build Salesforce DX projects and use scratch orgs, unlocked packages, and source control tools. You’ll also explore continuous integration using Salesforce DX and Heroku Pipelines.
  • Commerce Cloud Digital Developer
    You’ll learn the core programming concepts, relevant files, and scripting language for Commerce Cloud Digital by learning how to customize the SiteGenesis reference application and modify a Commerce Cloud storefront.

Get certified for 50% off at Dreamforce

Not only is Dreamforce ’18 the place to get your learning on but you can also become a #CertifiedPro (or more certified as the case may be). The Dreamforce special certification pricing means you’ll get 50% off your exam cost.

How? Simply register for your certification when you complete your Dreamforce registration. Then choose your exam time when the Agenda Builder goes live before the event. Exam sessions start the Monday before Dreamforce kicks off and run throughout the week.

Pro tip: Check out our secrets for acing your certification exam, including prep tips and expert advice for acing the exam.

Start your Dreamforce journey a step ahead

Start your Dreamforce ’18 experience by getting hands-on with the products you use everyday or with the newest Developer tools like Heroku Pipelines and Salesforce DX, and you’ll be setting yourself up to be a step ahead on your learning journey.

Your chosen pre-Dreamforce Bootcamp is THE place to hone your skills, gain experience, network with the best of the best, and maybe even Trailblaze your way to a new Salesforce credential. Oh, and you’ll have fun doing it too!

For more on our new Dreamforce Bootcamps and certifications, hear from Amy Regan Morehouse, SVP, Trailhead GTM in this episode of The Road to Dreamforce.


So, if you haven’t registered yet for Dreamforce ’18, get your hiking boots on! Grab your place at Bootcamp, secure your certification session(s), and get ready to learn like you’ve never learned before.

See you there!

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