René and the Budapest Developer Group

Global Developer Week is a chance for anyone developing apps on the Salesforce platform to focus energy on this exciting new programming model for the Lightning Component Framework. But we on the developer relations and product teams aren’t about to just sit back and let everyone in the Trailblazer Community have all the fun — we want to join in too!

Of the 150+ groups that ran a Global Developer Week event, nearly 50 have been joined by someone from our developer relations, product, or engineering teams. This includes getting to groups in 21 countries — more than we’ve ever managed in such an outreach event.

Jaipur Dev Group

We love helping you learn

Meeting with developers, sharing the excitement about LWC, and hearing your thoughts and feedback are some of the best parts of our jobs. Just for fun, I asked other folks on the team to complete the sentence, “The best part about visiting our developer groups for Global Developer Week is _____.”

Almost everyone reflected back how cool it was to see people learn about Lightning Web Components.

“…being able to enable our customers and partners and show how we continue to innovate by allowing them to build with standards for a lightning fast experience.” – Mikkel Flindt Heisterberg

“…seeing people get fascinated by the Sample App Gallery and the Lightning Web Components Playground.” – Shashank Srivatsavaya

“…showing them the value of Lightning Web Components and the tons of resources that we provide to help them transition safely to this new programming model.” – Philippe Ozil

Philippe and the Paris Developer Group

We learn from you

Brushing elbows with everyone at Trailblazer Community Group events, who devote your time and energy to developing with Salesforce, teaches us evangelists and product managers tons! There’s nothing like getting the real perspective about what’s happening in face-to-face groups.  Getting your feedback from folks who build their careers on the Salesforce platform helps us all!  Here’s some feedback from our Lightning Product Managers and Engineers, who have been on the road:

“The best part about visiting our developer groups for Global Developer Week is _____.”

“…hearing directly from our customers.” – Kevin Venkiteswaran

“…hearing from developers and what they are looking forward to the most on the roadmap.” – Shashank Srivatsavaya

“…learning from their experience, their mistakes, their feedback. We see use cases that help us understand how to evolve the platform.” – Diego Ferreiro Val

Just be you

Some product managers and engineers working for Salesforce had not met many of our amazing Trailblazers before outside of big events like Dreamforce or TrailheaDX – and as we all know the best development teams design and build with the folks using the product in mind. So the more chances everyone had to meet and mingle, the better the tools and frameworks Salesforce makes helps everyone do better!

“The best part about Global Developer week was being reminded how broad and diverse our Salesforce developer ecosystem is, and getting the opportunity to meet some of the amazing people that make that ecosystem so strong.” – Trevor Bliss

Peter at the Dublin Developer Group

Our pride and joy

Any builder can appreciate the warm feeling when a long-term project is released into the world, and for the Lightning team here at Salesforce there’s no exception. This is been a two-year labor of love by a huge team of architects, engineers, and product managers who have shown incredible commitment to bring web standards, better performance, and Aura interoperability to the next generation programming model for the Lightning Component Framework. Being able to share it directly with people and hear feedback straight from people who build with is has been amazing!

“I loved explaining the internals of the framework they are using on a daily basis and getting their raw feedback on the usage.” – Alex Papko

“My favorite part was engaging with local developers and presenting all the work we have done over the last 2 years to release this project.” – Pierre-Marie Dartus

Trevor Bliss at London Developer Group

Close ties create trust

Of course, when we know you better, we can build a better platform with better features and APIs. This strengthens trust between us and you.

“My favorite thing was sharing the present and future of Lightning Web Components with developers all over the world.” – Diego Ferreiro Val

“I loved getting face time with Trailblazers and understanding their needs so we can innovate Lightning Web Components.” – Farhan Tahir

Diego, Christian Szandor Knapp, Anastasia Panteloglou, Eugene

Thank you

For everyone who came out to a Global Developer Week Group meeting, and for all those who are coming, sincerely, thank you for taking the time! And most of all, thank you for spending your valuable time with us so we can get to know you, share what we know, and we’re learning as much from you as you’re learning from us.

If you’ve not attended and would like to find a Global Developer Week meeting near you this week, please check the Global Developer Week page. Most of the events are over by March 8, so move fast!  If you can’t make a Global Developer Week event near you, you can still do the Global Developer Week trailmix, get a limited edition community badge on your Trailhead profile, and $20 of every completed badge before February 28 goes to a donation to help underserved groups through Per Scholas!

These photos are from our developer group leaders, Global Developer Week attendees, and folks at Salesforce who are making great #CodeGoals! What are yours?

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