Last week, we launched the Dreamforce 2019 Call for Presentations (CFP). And this week, we’ve updated our new CFP app to add Architects into the mix!

Now through August 16, 2019, we’re looking for your architect session ideas. We’re looking for talks that help architects with varying levels of experience. We’re looking for in-depth discussions that combine technology and real-world context. We’re looking for tightly focused talks sharing technical wisdom and practical guidance. We’re looking for presentations that combine complex topics with clear, approachable insight.

Need some help thinking about how to start? Take a look at this quick cheatsheet we’ve put together to help you create great sessions for architects. It will help you identify the best audience for your topic, and which session format works best for the type of talk you’re planning.

Plan Your Architect Session graphic with two boxes. One says choose the right audience for your topic, the other says choose the best session type. Ends with a short link to the submission app URL.

If you’re looking for more tips about writing a solid abstract or crafting your session title, check out the resources below.

The Dreamforce ’19 Call for Presentations is open until August 16, 2019. Submit your ideas HERE.


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