On a recent and all-too-short trip to London, I was humbled to have developers in the community spend time with me and other product managers at the UK Salesforce Tower. Building on the massively popular open dialogue with developers that we initiated at Dreamforce last year, our discussion was a transparent conversation with developers who have been building on the Salesforce platform.

I was incredibly inspired by the developers local to the London office who spent time after their work day to engage in meaningful conversation about what they wanted to see for the future of the platform, as well as answer questions about tooling and resourcing that they hadn’t yet received answers for.

That’s why I’m extremely excited to gather key product managers on my team for an online continuation of the conversation which we will be conducting live via Twitter on Thursday, February 20 from 9:30 am – 10:30 am Pacific.

In the room to answer your questions will be:

  • Alessandro Yamhure, Employee Experience
  • Andrew Fawcett, @andyinthecloud, Compute
  • Asavari Tayal, @tayalasavari, Functions
  • Assaf Ben-Gur, @assafbengur, Shield and Platform Apps
  • Becky Jaimes, @theebecky, Evergreen
  • Chris Peterson, @ca_peterson, Apex
  • Claire Bianchi, @ClaireSFDX, CLI + Web Tools
  • Dennis Kromhout van der Meer, Evergreen
  • Dileep Burki, @burki_db, Packaging
  • Jari Salomaa, @salomaa, Big Objects, Async SOQL, Field History Tracking, Field Audit Trail
  • John Vogt, API hub
  • John Whelan, @jwhelan, Shield Platform Encryption, Security Command Center
  • Jon Byrum, Evergreen
  • Josh Alexander, @toopherjosh, strategy
  • Karen Fidelak, @karenfidelak, Release Management, Metadata/Tooling APIs, Change Sets
  • Kevin Vranes, @KevinVranes, Sustainability Cloud
  • Martie Burris, @MartieBurris, Elements marketplace and ecosystem
  • Nahid Samsami, @nahidis, Heroku Developer Interfaces & Ecosystem
  • Nathan Totten, @ntotten, Developer Tools
  • Noelle Saldana, @noellesio, Product Analytics
  • Rohit Mehta, @rohitforce, Sandbox, Scratch Orgs, Data Mask
  • Stephanie Maddox, @stephaniemaddox, VS Code/Debugging Tools
  • Trevor Scott, @tm_scott, Event Monitoring
  • Trey Ford, @treyford, Platform trust
  • Tuhin Kumar, @tuhink, Shield Platform Encryption, Shield EM Threat Detection

Submit your questions ahead of time to @SalesforceDevs and use the hashtag #TalkDX or #SFDevChat now through February 20, 2020⁠. Don’t forget to mark your calendars and join the conversation!

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