The Winter ’21 release is on its way, and we’re excited to help you get started with all the things you should know to get your orgs ready for new features and enhancements. Here are the most important dates you should care about:

August 20: Get early access to the release by signing up for a pre-release org

A pre-release org is a special environment that is upgraded even before sandboxes, giving you new features weeks in advance of the release. It’s not linked to your production org, so it won’t have your data, configuration, or code. This will allow you test away without worrying about breaking anything. Sign up for the Winter ’21 pre-release org.

August 24: Preview the release notes

This is your time to read those release notes! You can use the filters to find what’s relevant for the Edition and products you currently use. Don’t forget to check out the Development section to see updates on Apex, APIs, Lightning Web Components and more. You can read them here.

September 11: Be sure to refresh your Sandbox

September 11 is the refresh deadline to get early access to all the Winter ‘21 features in your sandboxes. If you don’t control your sandbox refreshes, make sure to work with your release manager or admin to ensure your sandbox is refreshed on time! Read the Sandbox Preview article for everything you need to know.

September 18: Join us live for the developer preview AND watch Release Readiness Live by cloud

Join our developer evangelists, product managers, and other experts for a deep dive into the release! Learn about what features developers shouldn’t miss and how to make the most out of this release. Then, stay tuned for the Release Readiness Live broadcasts by cloud. Each episode is designed to provide insight into the product areas you care most about. [Registration coming soon!]

September 19, October 9, October 16-17: Winter ’21 Arrives!

Check Trust to see when your Salesforce instance gets the new features. Any sandboxes you’ve opted not to include in the Sandbox preview will get upgraded to Winter ’21 on the final release weekend.

Stay up-to-date and join us on the Release Readiness Trailblazer Community Group where you can continue to get updates, share your favorite features, and ask questions about the upcoming release.

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