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Integration is the process that enables systems within a company to communicate with each other. It’s a common bottleneck that keeps organizations from optimizing, resulting in data silos and inefficiency. Data is necessary in order to achieve digital transformation, but that data lives in thousands of systems and apps. This slows down innovation.

Companies are facing increasing consumer expectations and shifting market conditions, creating demand for data integration projects. Right now, 92% of IT leaders say their integration needs go beyond IT and encompass a wide range of business functions. Every function in the organization depends on connecting applications, data sources, and devices for day-to-day work.

In order to fully accelerate digital transformation, self-service integration by IT’s counterparts across the business is now critical to ensure connectivity.

MuleSoft’s Integration Trailblazer trail builds your knowledge of APIs and integrations.

Who is an Integration Trailblazer?

Integration Trailblazers are lifelong learners of any background who want to learn about integration, API-led connectivity, and the API economy — so that they may transform end-to-end customer experiences. They’re innovators who identify as Salesforce developers, architects, and admins. Integration Trailblazers recognize integration gaps and seek to revolutionize internal operational models at their organizations. They are pioneers, innovators, and advocates who encourage their organizations to leverage the power of APIs and integration to become leaders within their industries.

What you’ll learn

On this trail, you’ll see what it means to have an “Integration Mindset.” There are three modules which will take about an hour and a half total — and they are all completely free.

Here’s an overview of what the modules will cover:

  • What sparks business disruption?
    • Understand the historical importance of disruptive business technologies.
    • Learn how to identify the Trailblazers who championed their adoption.
    • See why APIs will fuel the next wave of disruption.
  • How do APIs enable business disruption?
    • Learn why AI, the Internet of Things, and blockchain are important technologies in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
    • Understand why APIs enable the use of these technologies.
  • What is the potential of connected data?
    • See how the value of data and functionality improves with API-led integration.
    • Learn the five key attributes of API-led connectivity.
  • How do you bring an integration mindset to your company?
    • Learn how to explain the Integration Trailblazer mindset.
    • See how to reimagine your end-to-end customer experience through API-led integration and partnerships.

Ready to blaze your integration trail?

Up your game and ignite your inner Integration Trailblazer by learning the basics of APIs and integrations with our brand new trail. Equip yourself to be a disruptor at the heart of your organization’s digital transformation, all while unlocking badges and having fun! Every completion before August 31, 2020 unlocks a $10 contribution to the World Food Programme (up to $10,000).

Learn more by going to Trailhead and completing the Integration Trailblazer trail. Tell your friends and family, raise money for a good cause, and help them become rock stars in their own organizations. Share #integrationtrailblazer and spread the word!

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