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Salesforce releases new API features and functionality with each major release, and each major release results in a new version of the core SOAP, REST, and Bulk APIs. We are currently at 52 versions of our APIs. But this continued innovation means that we are regularly retiring our older API versions. In the Summer ‘21 release, we will be retiring Salesforce Platform API legacy versions 7.0 through 20.0 of our SOAP, REST and Bulk APIs. These API retirements mean that we can focusing our development efforts on enhancing the latest API versions to improve the overall Salesforce experience when building custom functionality via applications.

Here’s a list of the versions that will be retired:

  • SOAP: 7.0, 8.0, 9.0, 10.0, 11.0,11.1, 12.0, 13.0, 14.0, 15.0, 16.0, 17.0, 18.0, 19.0, 20.0
  • REST: v20.0
  • Bulk: 16.0, 17.0, 18.0, 19.0, 20.0

As retirement process begins, we are committed to a smooth transition for any customers using these legacy API versions. First, let’s talk about who will be affected by this change. All API-enabled org editions using Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience will be impacted. But they will be able to continue using those API versions until Summer ’22, at which time API versions 7.0 through 20.0 will be retired and unavailable.

So, how should customers prepare for these retirements? Before the Summer ’22 release, you must modify or upgrade your applications to function with current API versions. We know that this will take some work, but moving to newer versions of our APIs will offer advanced capabilities with improved security and performance.

As part of our commitment to API management, we are also releasing an API Total Usage event type in the EventLogFile object.

This event type helps you gain visibility into API version use and streamline your API version management strategy and plans. You can also use it to monitor your general API consumption. This event records calls to SOAP, Bulk API, and REST API requests up to version 30.0. Data is retained for 24 hours for free; a 30-day retention period is available with Event Monitoring licensing.

If you’re interested in using this new event type, this change applies to Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

What makes this announcement even better? The API Total Usage Event is free to all customers. Customers who purchased Salesforce Shield or Salesforce Event Monitoring add-on subscriptions can use the EventLogFile to monitor events.

For more information, see the Knowledge Article Salesforce Platform API Versions 7.0 through 20.0 Retirement and the “Salesforce Platform API Versions 7.0 through 20.0 Retirement” release update notice. (From Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter Release Updates.) To learn moar about the API Total Usage Event for EventLogFile, check out the Summer ’21 release notes.

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