For the first time in a long time, the whole community is coming back together at TrailblazerDX ‘22! For two exciting days, admins, developers, architects, partners, entrepreneurs, and students will immerse themselves in a world-class learning experience. And for the first time ever, we’re bringing together developer communities across Salesforce, Slack, MuleSoft, and Tableau.

Excited? You should be!

Our four main priorities for TDX ’22 are to learn new things, connect with peers, have fun, and give back to the community. There will be over 100 technical sessions for you to learn new skills, see product demos, and get hands-on experience with all sorts of products. You will be able to connect with 400+ product experts and leaders in the industry, peers in the Trailblazer community, students, and more to widen your network and maybe even make new friends along the way. Having fun is top of mind as well, with opportunities for games, parties, and free swag to celebrate the community. And most importantly, we give back. You will find opportunities to provide or receive mentorship, volunteer within the community, and leave feeling more fulfilled than when you showed up.

Now, let’s get into the good stuff and hear from our developer advocates about what they are planning and most excited about at TDX ’22 this year!

TrailblazerDX Keynote + True to the Core

The biggest things to look out for this year are the TrailblazerDX Main Show and True to the Core.

You won’t want to miss the TrailblazerDX Keynote this year. The Keynote is your opportunity to join Salesforce co-founder Parker Harris and special guests to learn how developers, admins, architects, and partners can come together to use the latest innovations across the Customer 360 Platform, MuleSoft, Slack, and Tableau to innovate, automate, and scale.

True to the Core

Join Parker Harris, the chief product officers from Salesforce, MuleSoft, Slack, and Tableau, as well as product managers for a Q&A forum about our product roadmap. Speakers include:

  • Kris Lande, SVP, Trailblazer Ecosystem, Salesforce
  • Parker Harris, Founder & CTO, Salesforce
  • David Schmaier, President & Chief Product Officer, Salesforce
  • Patrick Stokes, EVP & GM, Platform, Salesforce
  • Francois Ajenstat, Chief Product Officer, Tableau
  • Meir Amiel, Chief Product Officer, MuleSoft
  • Tamar Yehoshua, Chief Product Officer, Slack

Have a question or topic you’d like to see the executives address during True to the Core? Send them to us here.

Technical sessions for every attendee

TrailblazerDX is full of exciting technical content for Salesforce developers. Take a look at some of the sessions in which our developer advocates will be speaking:

Best Practices with Lightning Web Components in 2022
Speakers: Gonzalo Cordero and Alba Rivas
What to expect: Whether you are new to LWC, or have been building with them since they debuted, this session is for you. Gonzalo and Alba will share design considerations, best practices and design patterns to build great LWC apps today.

Build Web Apps with the Lightning Web Runtime
Speakers: Aditya Naag Topalli and Satya Sekhar Chegondi
What to expect: In this breakout session, Aditya and Satya will talk about the different approaches to authenticate to Salesforce and fetch data using Lightning Web Runtime, which offers increased flexibility and high performance. They’ll also discuss considerations and best practices when embedding LWR apps in other websites and frameworks.

Building with Salesforce + Slack — Ready to Fly
Speakers: Alba Rivas, Mohith Srivastava, and Alissa Renz
What to expect: We recently published a blog series about Ready to Fly, our new sample app that allows users to create travel requests in Salesforce without leaving Slack. In this session, we’ll discuss how we built solutions for important requirements, such as user-to-user authentication, and showcased varied Slack APIs capabilities — everything with a security-first perspective in mind. Clone the app now to get your hands on it right away!

Manage Security and Data Across Slack and Salesforce
Speakers: Mohith Srivastava and Tiaan Kruger
What to expect: In this session, Mohith and Tiaan will be helping developers understand how user permissions and data controls are applied with Slack and Salesforce integrations, including with the upcoming Apex SDK for Slack.

Getting Started with Salesforce Functions
Speakers: Stephan Chandler-Garcia and Christopher Marino
What to expect: This is our first in person event since Functions became generally available! Stephan can’t wait to demonstrate the many ways that you can get started with your first Functions project. You’ll also have the chance to see how partners and customers are innovating with Functions.

Advanced Salesforce Functions
Speakers: Julián Duque and Andy Fawcett
What to expect: Julián and Andy will be discussing Elastic Services, as well as best practices and advanced invocation patterns for Salesforce Functions, including asynchronous invocation and unit of work patterns.

Integrate Salesforce Functions with Heroku Data
Speaker: Julián Duque
What to expect: In this session, Julián will be demonstrating how to access PostgreSQL, Redis, and Apache Kafka from a Function.

Best Practices with Apex in 2022
Speakers: Kevin Poorman and Mohith Srivastava
What to expect: Building enterprise-grade apps with Apex demands that developers know enterprise patterns and Apex best practices, including security. Mohith will be teaming up with Kevin Poorman, author of apex-recipes, for this session, where they will share best practices for writing Apex code.

Introducing DataWeave for Apex
Speakers: Chuck Liddell and Kevin Poorman
What to expect: DataWeave may have started its life as a MuleSoft technology, but it really shines when used in Apex. Join Chuck and Kevin as they discuss what DataWeave is and demonstrate how a very small, reusable DataWeave script can seamlessly translate any JSON body into a list of sObjects.

Develop from the Browser with Code Builder
Speakers: Stephanie Maddox and Satya Sekhar Chegondi
What to expect: Join Stephanie as she explores Code Builder, a Salesforce-optimized IDE in the browser. This fast, web-based development environment supports all Salesforce languages and frameworks, simplifies application development, and empowers developers to build applications faster.

Introducing the New gRPC-Based Pub Sub API
Speakers: Philippe Ozil and Tyson Read
What to expect: Philippe loves event-driven architectures and the APIs that support them. Previously, he created a significant amount of content on streaming APIs, and now he’s excited to co-present with Tyson our latest innovation in the field: the new gRPC-based Pub Sub API.

Ask Me Anything — Continuous Integration
Speakers: Philippe Ozil, Kevin Poorman, Shane McLaughlin
What to expect: Philippe, Kevin, and Shane will be part of an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Continuous Integration, where they’ll share their DevOps knowledge, along with best practices and tips.

Salesforce Developers Code Super Session
Speakers: To be announced, stay tuned!
What to expect: Boolean shouldYouAttend = (self.isSalesforceDeveloper && self.isCoder) true : false; Join us as we cover how to build faster, your way, with code!

On top of a variety of developer advocate sessions, our amazing engineers and product managers will host sessions on other Salesforce developer topics, such as:

  • What’s new in LWC, its alignment to web standards, and its roadmap
  • Apex innovations, such as User Mode Database Operations in Apex
  • Innovations regarding Salesforce and AWS for developers
  • New features in APIs and in security
  • Tooling innovations: DevOps center, the Salesforce CLI unification, VS Code Extensions, and the Apex Debuggers
  • Experience Cloud and Mobile development

Expos packed with experts

Customer 360 Theater for Developers and Admins

In the theater, you’ll get a Customer 360 view of Developer and Admin experiences on Salesforce. We’ll be demonstrating how the various parts of Salesforce work together to bring our customers a Single Source of Truth for their solutions.

Camp Quick Start

Dive in, get hands-on, and earn a new Trailhead badge in 30 minutes or less.

Camp Design

Generate human-centered ideas, prototypes, Slack apps, and analytics dashboards with the Salesforce Design Team.

Expert Zones for Platform, Slack, MuleSoft, and Tableau

Visit the demo booths, where our developer advocates will be meeting developers and answering questions. See demonstrations on what the digital future holds for our customers and learn how solutions include intelligent bots and virtual reality to serve up better business solutions.

Mini Hacks

For the first time ever, we have created mini hacks that involve more than just the Salesforce Platform. Each hack uses the core Salesforce Platform and one additional product: Slack, MuleSoft, or Tableau. Don’t worry, even though the hacks include more products, the simplicity remains the same: any hack can be completed in 30 minutes or less. Whether you are a developer or an admin, we’ll have something for you, and we can’t wait for you to try out the hacks and learn about the new features, tools, and products!

Circles of Success

Network, share best practices, and learn from other Trailblazers at these small, intimate topic-based round-tables facilitated by a Salesforce expert.

Hands-on Workshops

Get hands-on and deepen your knowledge with our experts. Seats go fast; arrive early to secure your spot.

Trailblazer Community Cove

The Community Cove is the place for you connect and reconnect with your peers across the Salesforce ecosystem. It is the best place to catch up with the community! Hang out and socialize with developers from all over the world.

Other must-see highlights

  • TrailblazerDX Bootcamp: This is the place to accelerate your path to certification! Join four days of expert-led learning, nine role-based tracks, two certification exams, and endless networking opportunities.
  • There’s more than just developer content and sessions waiting for you at TDX ‘22. Check out some of the admin sessions and architect sessions.

What you can do now

TrailblazerDX has always been one of our most popular conferences. We love that admins, architects, and developers from around the world can all come together to share their experiences, learn, and engage with each other. We’re so excited to bring together our diverse technical communities into a single developer conference.

No matter which technology in the Salesforce ecosystem may apply to your job or role, you’ll be able to skill up at TDX ‘22. And most importantly, you can make new connections with great humans from around the world.

And if you can’t be there in person, we’ve got you — select content will be broadcast on Salesforce+.

  1. Register here if you haven’t already.
  2. Take a look at all of the sessions we have planned.
  3. Check out the official Agenda Builder to start creating your TDX ’22 journey.
  4. Keep an eye out for the TrailblazerDX Quest on April 27 – 28 to unlock an exclusive community badge and enter for a chance to win* the coveted Trailblazer hoodie (1 of 500). *Official Rules apply. See the Trailhead Quests page for full details.
  5. Tweet us at @SalesforceDevs and let us know what you are most excited about!

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