Salesforce’s mission is to empower all Trailblazers with the tools they need to build dynamic careers, companies, and communities. That’s why we’re so excited to launch a freshly revamped developer career path on Trailhead! Whether you’re brand new to developing on Salesforce or have been working as a developer for years, the Developer Career Path has everything you need to easily learn about developer jobs, salaries, growth opportunities, and more. Here, you’ll be able to learn in-demand developer skills, build your career, and connect with the global Salesforce Developer community.

This page is not only for people who are developing on the Salesforce Platform. If you’re developing on other platforms within the Salesforce ecosystem, such as Commerce Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Slack, MuleSoft, or Tableau, this page is for you too! It is a platform for all developers from all backgrounds working on all products in our ecosystem.

“Trailhead is the perfect platform to build a successful developer career because it’s for all levels — regardless of your background or experience,” Miranda Ragland, VP of Salesforce Delivery said.

Here are four things you can do on the page

Learn key skills with Trailhead

Trailhead enables you to skill up for the future and take your learning on the go. Wherever you are, Trailhead is there to teach you new skills for free. Get hands-on with fun projects and start your journey towards earning resume-worthy credentials like one of the many Salesforce Developer certifications.

You can find the perfect path to learn about a variety of developer roles in these new trailmixes — Platform developer, Commerce Cloud developer, Marketing Cloud developer, Slack developer, MuleSoft developer, Tableau developer.

Don’t just take our word for it! “Trailhead has been instrumental in breaking down traditional learning barriers, and it offers endless opportunities to achieve your personal and career goals,” Maria Belli, IT Manager said.

Register for Salesforce Fundamentals

Did you know that 9.3 million jobs will be created in the global Salesforce ecosystem by 2026? Salesforce Fundamentals is for people new to Salesforce. Learn how to land a job as a Salesforce developer with this free, virtual, three-week course that guides you through the tools, skills, and programs you’ll need to develop your career.

Join the Trailblazer Community

The Salesforce Developers Trailblazer Community group is over 12,800 members strong and growing each day! You can collaborate, network, and learn Salesforce development here. It’s the perfect place to ask questions and troubleshoot with like-minded individuals, stay up to date with the latest content created for Salesforce developers, learn about upcoming community events, and interact directly with our amazing Salesforce Developer Advocates who are here to help you succeed.

“Trailhead is always there to help me skill up on the latest innovations, and the Trailblazer Community empowers me to be a better developer and leader,” said Fabien Taillon, Chief Technology Officer.

Browse open developer positions

We want to help you find work as a developer. This page does just that by listing open positions for Salesforce developers across the world by company, location, post date, and salary range. These positions are refreshed automatically, so you’ll want to bookmark this page and check back frequently for new jobs.

Trailhead can help you succeed in growing your career and landing your next developer role.

Radhika Bansal, Advanced App Engineering Specialist said, “Learning new skills on Trailhead helped me understand new technologies, build a global community, and accelerate my career as a Salesforce developer.”

Don’t just take our word for it!

We’re not the only ones with great things to say about Trailhead. So many developers across the Salesforce ecosystem are sharing the positive impact that Trailhead has made on their careers.

Sima Samara, Salesforce Developer at CapGemini says, “All you need to get started as a Salesforce developer is a Trailhead account. From there, I’ve built a career that I love. I get to code, build functionality, and create magic.”

So, what are you waiting for? Start creating magic as a developer today.

Ready to get started?

Take these steps to get started on your journey to Salesforce development today!

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