Our global survey, The State of Building & Developing on Salesforce, is now live! This is your opportunity to help us better understand how you build and develop on Salesforce, so that we can improve your experience.

Previous developer surveys have given us great insight into who Salesforce Developers are and how developers learn and use Salesforce, and we’ve been able to make informed improvements from these insights. For instance, we learned that our developer community really loves and engages with videos from our developer advocates, especially on platforms like YouTube. In particular, they prefer short video content that helps them solve tricky challenges. Based on these two helpful pieces of data, we created an entire YouTube playlist on our channel called Developer Quick Takes, which demonstrate clever solutions in short-form videos from our developer advocates.

Now open to all, not just developers

In the past, our survey has been focused on developers only, but now we are welcoming anyone who builds and develops in the Salesforce ecosystem to participate. As our product portfolio has grown, the community that builds using them has also grown with it. In an effort to be inclusive of this evolution and growth, we have decided to open up the survey across our communities to include admins, developers, architects, analysts, and more. This survey covers products from the entire Salesforce ecosystem, including Heroku, Slack, Tableau, MuleSoft, and many others. Whether you use Salesforce low-code builders every day, write Apex code occasionally, or build in the Salesforce ecosystem in some other way, we want to hear from you!

Let your voice be heard

At Salesforce Research & Insights, we deliver insights to help our product teams drive exceptional customer and product experiences, built inclusively and ethically, across the entire Salesforce Customer 360 portfolio. We do this by listening to our customers — that’s why your responses to this survey are so important to us.

We’ll use your feedback to inform product improvements and the future of building and developing on Salesforce. Also, as we have done in the past, we’ll share some of the key insights with you.

Take the survey now!

Don’t wait — the survey closes at 4:00 p.m. PT on March 10, 2023.

Thank you for helping us improve the way you build and develop on the platform.

About the author

Nathan Khuu

Nathan Khuu is a Staff Researcher on the Salesforce Research & Insights team.

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