Anypoint MQ is an enterprise, multi-tenant, cloud messaging service that provides an advanced, asynchronous messaging solution for applications. 

Customers use Anypoint MQ in MuleSoft US Cloud and EU Cloud environments to run mission-critical applications such as order processing, customer support management, and airline kiosk management. An e-commerce vendor receiving orders through various channels such as web, mobile, and partners can process orders in the order received while at the same time scaling out to multiple processing units.

Our public sector customers have requested a cloud-based messaging service that can integrate both their on-premises and cloud-based applications, enabling them to offer automated citizen services. With the launch of Anypoint MQ in MuleSoft Government Cloud, we are excited to support our customers in achieving their vision.

Anypoint MQ features

Anypoint MQ supports a wide range of messaging use cases, such as enterprise messaging patterns, asynchronous communications between microservices, and IoT. Anypoint MQ also provides a REST API for publishing or consuming messages using frameworks, such as Node.js, Java, Go, and DevOps bash scripts.

Anypoint MQ includes the following features:

Queues and message exchanges

Message queues provide temporary storage that enables applications to communicate in a scalable and reliable way. Publishers can publish messages into queues, and subscribers can receive messages from queues. Message exchanges enable you to distribute a single message to multiple consumers. All queues and message exchanges are encrypted by default.

Delay queues

Delay queues enable you to postpone the delivery of new messages to a queue for a specified period. Consumers can’t see messages sent to a delay queue for the duration of the delay period. The maximum delay for a queue is 15 minutes.

Management console

Using the management console, you can monitor queue statistics, purge queues, and see how many messages are in flight.

Anypoint MQ Management Console

Anypoint MQ Connector

Anypoint Connector for Anypoint MQ (Anypoint MQ Connector) provides publish-subscribe messaging to Mule apps. Note that only Anypoint MQ Connector 4.x and later are compatible with the MuleSoft Government Cloud environment.


You can use the REST API to easily communicate with non-Mule applications.

Environments and role-based access control

Anypoint MQ is fully integrated with Anypoint Access Management, enabling you to specify different environments for your queues, who can access each environment, and what they can do within each environment.

Large payloads

Anypoint MQ supports payloads of up to 10 MB.

Disaster recovery

Anypoint MQ services deploy to multiple availability zones (AZs) within a region to provide high availability (HA). If the service in one availability zone goes down, the Anypoint MQ service operates normally in that region. If all availability zones go down in a region, the Anypoint MQ service is unavailable in that region until at least one of the availability zones comes back up. Because the storage solution for Anypoint MQ is durable, messages that were already in the Anypoint MQ system before service was interrupted are retained.


We hope that you’re as excited as we are about these features! To get started with accessing Anypoint MQ in Government Cloud, please visit our tutorial

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