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Technical Enablement Case Study – Complex Sales Realignment

Introduction XYZ Corp is a large technology company with a very highly customized Salesforce implementation. At the time of engagement, XYZ was just recovering from a chaotic and costly end-of-year realignment of their Sales hierarchy and account assignments. Not only did the realignment take far longer than originally planned, but Sales estimated that far from […]

SOQL Polymorphism, or How I Learned to Love the Polymorphic Relationship

In Winter '13, you can now use the SOQL polymorphism feature via the new TYPEOF clause to do complex queries on polymorphic fields in a single call. Read more to learn how this feature can make your queries more powerful, easier to understand, and easier to manage.

Dreamforce 2012 highlights : A Google+ Hangout

Developer Force Google+ Hangouts

Join us for a Google+ Hangout on October 3rd (9:30am PDT) as we discuss some of the developer highlights from this year's Dreamforce with a couple of community speakers and attendees.

Cloud U. Students Livin’ the Dream(force)!

Marc Benioff! Sir Richard Branson! Colin Powell! Tony Robbins! Red Hot Chili Peppers! Hard to believe last week's Dreamforce fun is all just a distant memory now. Or wait, was it all a dream... ? As many of you may "totally recall", thousands upon thousands -- ok, about 90,000 to be (somewhat) exact -- descended […]

Security Without the Blanket Security Workbook

The Security Workbook is a hands-on guide to the Salesforce platform’s least-privilege, user-centric security model. It explains the various policies, rules, and grouping mechanisms that control login and access controls.

Whats Up with Winter ’13?

Salesforce Winter

Winter '13 will bring several great new features for developers to play with. In addition, at Dreamforce there were a couple new features on the roadmap that extended the new releases for winter. Be sure to check out the release notes to read about all of the cool new features coming soon and the Dreamforce session recordings as they become available!

Dreamforce 2012 Top 10 Developer Moments

Dreamforce 2012 was unbelievable! I've finally caught up on my sleep, and wanted to take some time to reflect on my top 10 moments of this years event.

Thursday At The DevZone, Dreamforce 2012

#devzone at Dreamforce 12 Thursday

While Thursday itself will be keeping on with great breakout sessions, stadium battles, hands-on workshops and informal unconference presentations (whiteboards, handily, require no power supplies or video dongles) -- probably the biggest thing to note on today's agenda is that there are not one, but two keynotes developers will want to check out.

Introducing the Salesforce Touch Platform Book

Salesforce Touch Platform Mobile Development Guide

Responsive design? OAuth2? Mobile Visualforce Components? These are all aspects of the diverse infrastructure for building Touch Platform applications. The extensive 174 page guide offers details on all of these related topics and can assist in walking a developer through either building a Touch Platform application from scratch or coding new interfaces for existing applications.

Introducing Salesforce Identity

Salesforce Identity

Salesforce Identity provides Identity and Access Management (IAM) services for Web and mobile applications, delivered through the simplicity, transparency, and trust of the Salesforce Platform. Learn more.