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LockerService and Lightning Container Component: Securely Using Third-Party Libraries in Lightning Components

Regardless of the language, framework, or platform you use, modern applications are built by assembling discrete and composable components. On the Salesforce platform, the application composition infrastructure is provided by the Lightning Component Framework. That’s how the Salesforce Apps (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, etc) are built, and that’s also how you can extend and customize […]

Discover Lightning in a Developer Edition Near You

Heads up, Salesforce Developers - starting tomorrow February 14, we’re sharing some Valentine’s Day love by updating the default user interface from Classic to Lightning Experience for new Developer Editions, Admin Playgrounds, and Trailhead Playgrounds! Existing Salesforce Orgs will be unaffected by this update, and to see the difference, you can quickly toggle between Salesforce Classic […]

Upcoming Maintenance on Developer Edition Sign-up for Spring ‘17

Heads up, Salesforce Developers and #AwesomeAdmins – we will be performing maintenance on our sign-up infrastructure this weekend to bring the Spring ’17 Release to new Developer Editions and Admin Playgrounds. During this maintenance window, you will not be able to sign up for brand-new accounts, but you WILL be able to access your existing […]

Getting Started with iOS App Extensions in Salesforce Mobile SDK Apps

Bundle setting for iOS app extensons

If you're an iOS developer who wants to use cool iOS app extensions in your Salesforce Mobile SDK app--this post is for you. iOS app extensions provide opportunities for developers to present their app’s functionality outside of their app context. With Mobile SDK, for example, you can use an iOS app extension to show a […]

An Org Chart Lightning Component for the Utility Bar in Spring ’17

The upcoming Spring ’17 release has many new and exciting features for developers, and you can get a detailed walkthrough in this post: A Storm of New Lightning Features in Spring '17. One of my personal favorites is the new App Manager that makes it easy to customize the Utility Bar with Lightning Components. There […]

Handle Errors with Composite Resources

Interested in improving the performance of your app by using the composite resources in the REST API, but confused about how to handle errors in a composite world? Learn how the new composite resources handle errors, report error results, and let you control how Salesforce executes subrequests if an error occurs.

The Spring ’17 Release: A Storm of New Lightning Features

It's that time of year again – winter is gripping a lot of the Northern Hemisphere, but Salesforce Developers are already looking forward to the fresh offerings of Spring '17! We're happy to share some exciting new features to help you build more quickly and efficiently than ever, as well as enhancements to what we've introduced […]