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The New AppExchange Publishing Experience

We sent the AppExchange publishing experience to the gym. It’s back — lighter, leaner, and ready for your app, Lightning component, or consulting service. We can’t wait to show you what’s new.


Learn to Build Business Apps Using Lightning Tools at DocuSign DevCon 2015

Attend Docusign Devcon 2015 to learn about Salesforce1 Lightning is changing the face of business app development, and get a $99 discount off the full conference pass.


Contest Winners Show Off Their Skills with the Salesforce1 Mobile App

View the winners of the Salesforce 1 Labs contest and get their brand-new, mobile-ready Salesforce1 Mobile Apps free on the AppExchange.

Salesforce1 Mobile App Admin Guide

Introducing the New Salesforce1 Mobile App Admin Guide

Hey, Salesforce administrators! Just in time for Dreamforce and the Winter '15 release, we have a new incarnation of the Salesforce1 Mobile App Admin Guide, designed for you, our point-and-click heroes! So, what's new about it? The biggest change is in its content. First, we've revised its scope. The previous Salesforce1 App Admin Guide focused […]


Salesforce Summer Hackathon Series: Summer Will Never Be The Same

We are thrilled to announce the first ever Salesforce Summer of Hacks! This July, we will be hosting an exciting lineup of hackathons in four cities around the world: New York, Bangalore, Los Angeles, and London. With more than $50,000 in prizes up for grabs, participants will compete to create the best mobile app that runs in the Salesforce1 Mobile App container.

Force.com Canvas Summer ’14 – New Features Preview

When it comes to Force.com Canvas, the Summer '14 Release will include some exciting new features like Apex Canvas lifecycle, Canvas in Salesforce1 page layouts, mobile cards and nav, User approved Canvas apps, and SAML support. Join us for a look at the new Force.com Canvas features.


Salesforce1 World Tour, London – Learning from the DevZone Experts

Salesforce1 World Tour London is coming May 22 with a host of sessions, mini hacks, and activities along with a world-class developer library.


New Regression Testing Process for ISVs Using Pre-Release

As salesforce.com prepares for the Summer ’14 release, we have some exciting updates to share. ISVs have frequently asked us to provide better pre-release environments so that they can do more thorough testing ahead of each major Salesforce release. We have good news! We’ve made significant improvements to the pre-release environment to address these issues.


Get Better Visibility Into Your Business: Announcing the Usage Metrics Pilot Feature

With the Spring '14 release, we're pleased to present a pilot of the long-awaited, most-requested feature from our partners - Usage Metrics. Take a deeper look inside your business by leveraging the Usage Metrics API or installing our Visualization Tool.


Salesforce1 Developer Week Kicks Off for 1.5 Million Developers Worldwide

Now with more than 1.5 million developers, the Salesforce developer community has doubled in size over the last 18 months. To mark this huge achievement, we are announcing Salesforce1 Developer Week - a week of meetups around the world starting April 27th.