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Your New Life With Lightning Actions: Smart, Fast, and Mobile

Create Test User Lightning action

This is the third and final blog in a series on migrating away from JavaScript buttons, and toward solutions that are mobile- and Lightning-friendly. In our previous two posts, we cited popular use cases for JavaScript buttons, and provided better alternative solutions. However, those solutions don't address every imaginable use case, and for that we've made available […]

Creating a Targeted Campaign Using the Wave API

You probably know that Wave is a great way to explore your Salesforce data in ways that standard analytics can't. If you haven't used Wave yet, you should, because it's awesome. If you're using Wave, then you know the power of the query engine, but you might not know about how to leverage the Wave […]

Wave Multi-Currency Datasets using Apex

Wave Multi-currency Dataset

In this post, we are going to show that with Apex, it's as easy as A-B-C to make Wave datasets speak € ₪ zł. There are a variety of tried-and-true ways to load data into Wave: Upload CSVs via a UI Implement ETL tools that connect to the external API Use a connector for Microsoft Excel Create a Dataflow JSON […]

Integrating the Jasper Control Center API with Force.com

Jasper's Control Center platform manages IoT devices on the mobile network, allowing mobile network operators to deliver services tailored to the requirements of connected products. Learn how the Force.com Toolkit for Jasper allows Force.com apps to manage connected devices via the Control Center platform.

Salesforce Connect Reporting

Sales Order Listing- Salesforce Connect

Salesforce Connect (Formerly Lightning Connect) is an exciting product that allows organizations to connect external data sources to their Salesforce instance. One way this connection is done uses the OData protocol, but you can now write your own connector in Apex as well. Instead of Standard or Custom Objects, this external data is represented as […]

Bugs in Your Sandbox? Root Them Out with the New Apex Interactive Debugger!

Check out the Apex Debugger, which extends the Force.com IDE plug-in for Eclipse.

The Apex Interactive Debugger

You asked for it. We announced it. You waited for it. Finally, we have delivered it. I am pleased to announce that the Apex Interactive Debugger is now generally available! Click through to find out a lot more.

Data Chunking Techniques for Massive Orgs

Learn how to use 2 awesome PK chunking techniques along with some JavaScript to effectively query large databases that would otherwise be impossible to query.

Avoiding Apex Speeding Tickets (Concurrent Request Limits via Synchronous Callouts)

Unable to Process Request: Concurrent Requests Limit Exceeded

Oh, that error.... Perhaps you’ve seen it before: “Unable to process request: Concurrent requests limit exceeded”. This is the Apex concurrency limiter giving you a "speeding ticket". Believe it or not, the Apex concurrency limit is your friend. It isolates several failure scenarios and contains them from propagation across the Salesforce App Cloud, which might otherwise […]

Rendering GitHub JSON Data in Salesforce

In the past it was a huge challenge to provide system users with meaningful views across disparate data sets.  Data silos required complex integration and ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) tooling to provide correlations in a single user interface.  Lightning Connect makes this easy by allowing external data sources to be exposed in Salesforce and correlated with standard […]