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Salesforce Developer Skills Lead to Dream Job

salesforce developer jobs, developer skills in high demand as this Salesforce Architect at Google shows

When David Liu emailed Marc Benioff for a Dreamforce pass, he didn’t expect an answer. Now, he’s a Salesforce Architect at Google.

Building Content-Rich Visualforce Pages with Salesforce CRM Content

With Salesforce CRM Content, you can organize, share, search, and manage content within your organization and across key areas of the Salesforce application. This content can include all file types–from traditional business documents, such as Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations–to Google Docs™ Web pages and audio, video, and image files. In this blog post, you can learn about […]

Women in Tech: Caring for New York by Coding on Force.com

Jess Lopez did not plan to be a programmer, but fell in love with coding in college. She is now the Director of Web Engineering at New York Cares, helping more than 59,000 volunteers to serve 400,000 at-risk New Yorkers by coding on Force.com. She shares her story and advice here.

Women in Tech: Breaking Things with Force.com Since 2007

Masha Thomas has always enjoyed breaking things, which makes programming a perfect career for her. She started developing on Force.com before Apex Code and Visualforce, when coding S-Controls was all the rage. Today, she is quietly coding away at 2U in New York City and doesn’t see herself as a “woman developer”. I am honored that she is letting me share her story.

Women in Tech: From Java to Apex – A Straightforward Curve

Swathi Ramini came to the NYC Salesforce1 Tour last month armed with tough questions for the DevZone staff. She had just rolled out a custom mobile app for her team, and wanted to understand the nitty-gritty details about the Salesforce1 Mobile App. She got her answers, and I got her story.

Women in Tech: Smalltalk to Apex == Writing Less Code

What happens when a Smalltalk programmer becomes a Salesforce Platform developer? She writes less code! Deanna Simpson started developing on the Salesforce Platform four years ago, after four years in Silicon Valley coding control systems for a fiber-optic switch company and a few years in Canada in various roles. Recently I had an opportunity to sit down with Deanna and discuss her journey.

Salesforce Developers Releases All New Salesforce1 Library

Salesforce1 Visualforce in Practice

This week at Dreamforce 2013, the Developer Relations group launched an entire library of books, workbook tutorials, and cheat sheets, along with hands-on workshops and a new Salesforce1 Quick Start to get developers going with Salesforce1, Force.com, Heroku, ExactTarget and other platform technologies.

Code Coverage and the Force.com Developer Console

With Winter ’14, there were two areas of change in the Developer Console affecting code coverage: How it is viewed in the developer console, and issues with code coverage itself. Josh explains.

Script Limits, Begone!

The Apex script statement limit is gone. Here is information about why the old limit was there, and what we are doing to keep the system safe without the limit.

Integrating Force.com Using XML in Apex Code

In a recent project we had to read XML data sent from an external system and update related records in Salesforce. In the process we discovered that there was very little information on reading XML inside an Apex class. In this post we discuss on how to read XML files in APEX and convert them into Sobject to insert the data into Salesforce.