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Six Tips to Great Unit Tests

Writing tests that get you to the magic 75% code coverage requirement is easy, but writing great tests that protect you from regressions is a real skill. In this blog post, I'll suggest six practical tips to help you write great Salesforce tests that don’t become a maintenance headache. Of course it doesn't matter how good […]

The Apex Interactive Debugger

You asked for it. We announced it. You waited for it. Finally, we have delivered it. I am pleased to announce that the Apex Interactive Debugger is now generally available! Click through to find out a lot more.

The Platform Cache

We are adding a cache to the Salesforce1 Platform. You’re welcome.

Discover the Amazingness of Apex Top Video Clips to Watch.

With Force.com, you can implement business logic and build entire apps using point-and-click features such as workflows and approval processes. But sometimes you need even more control and that's when you can leverage the power of Apex. Apex is a strongly-typed, object-oriented programming language that lets you centralize and execute flow and transaction control statements […]

The New Apex Queueable Interface

The new Queueable interface provides you with more tools for writing asynchronous Apex code. Here are more details on how it works.

Announcing the Open-Source WSDL2Apex Generator

I am back with another open-source project. By popular demand, the WSDL2Apex generator is now available for you to improve and repair.

The Open-Source Eclipse Plug-in – Yours To Own

The Eclipse plug-in you know and love is now Open-Source. You can now contribute to the tool. You can add that-one-feature you really want, and you can fix a bug that's slowing you down. Here's how.

Bigger Apex Limits with Enhanced Futures

If Apex transaction limits are cramping your style, you will want to look into the Enhanced Futures pilot. This feature will allow specified transactions to request additional limits which are necessary to perform the intended task.

Salesforce Developer Skills Lead to Dream Job

When David Liu emailed Marc Benioff for a Dreamforce pass, he didn't expect an answer. Now, he's a Salesforce Architect at Google.

Building Content-Rich Visualforce Pages with Salesforce CRM Content

Learn about the benefits of storing and managing images in Salesforce CRM Content, and how to use the power of Salesforce CRM Content and Visualforce to easily build dynamic pages, in this blog post from Markus Spohn.