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Packaging Canvas Apps for Different Editions

Connected App - Access Method

We have seen some very impressive adoption rate amongst our customers and ISV partners in leveraging Canvas framework for building integrated composite applications on Salesforce1 platform. Based on some of the lessons learned and feedback received, we decided to publish this article to help our ISV partners understand their options when it comes to packaging Canvas for distribution and for support of different Salesforce1 platform editions.

What’s Hot in Summer 13

It’s always hot in the summertime, and Ryan and I tried to heat it up a notch by spreading the word on all the new things coming out in the Summer ’13 release. If you missed it but you want to see the full show, you can find the recording on youtube. We covered a lot out of the release notes in a little less than an hour, but I’ll give you the cliff’s notes version here.

Extreme Salesforce Data: Distributed Application Partitioning with Force.com Canvas and Heroku

Extreme Salesforce Data

Want to scale your Salesforce data set to new heights? Then check out this hands-on tutorial that shows you how to implement an external application to store historical records. You also learn how to integrate its UI and user authentication into Salesforce so that your users can analyze historical data right alongside operational data. This practical step-by-step guide uses a combination of Salesforce Platform technology, including Force.com, Heroku, and Force.com Canvas.

Ask the PM – What is Force.com Canvas Versioning?

Learn about versioning of the Force.com Canvas SDK from this Q&A with the feature PM.

Using PHP for Canvas Applications

Canvas is a great and simple method of including your third party integrations within the Salesforce UI, and PHP is still one of the most commonly used web application languages on the planet – so how do you use these two great technologies together? Using Canvas with the language of your choice is very similar to integrating with our API’s – the first real obstacle is authenticating the user. After that you can access our API’s, and Canvas gives a speedy path to doing that with just JavaScript.

Ask the PM – What is Force.com Canvas?

Take an inside look at Force.com Canvas with this Q&A discussion. Find out what the feature is, what you can do with it and how it works.

Force.com Canvas Webinar – October 31st

It seems like just the other day that we launched Force.com Canvas, the amazing new technology to allow any app, in any language to run within the Salesforce UI. Since this time, we have launched a pilot program and enabled every new Developer Edition org to take advantage of Canvas. Next week, on October 31st, we are hosting an introduction webinar to make it even easier to get started.

Dreamforce 2012 Top 10 Developer Moments

Dreamforce 2012 was unbelievable! I’ve finally caught up on my sleep, and wanted to take some time to reflect on my top 10 moments of this years event.

New at Dreamforce 12: Force.com Canvas

Force.com Canvas Pillars

One of the exciting new Force.com features that you will hear about at this year’s Dreamforce is Force.com Canvas. Many of the keynotes and breakout sessions explore how you can use it to wire existing applications into salesforce, as well as develop new applications using any language that can work with salesforce.com.

Create Force.com Apps Anywhere With Force.com Canvas

Force.com Canvas is a new feature in Winter ’13 which allows you to create Force.com context aware applications on Heroku, or anywhere. In addition, with the Heroku QuickStart templates, you can create an app on Heroku with just a few clicks. Check out the video here.