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Introducing Catter: Connect to Your Cat Like Never Before

Learn all about Catter, cat collaboration for today’s modern feline. Plus get paws-on with a free tutorial!

Building My First App on the AppExchange

A few months ago, there was an announcement that went out to all employees about a Salesforce labs competition. The challenge was to build a mobile app, pass a security review, create a YouTube video to market it, and list it on AppExchange. This sounded like a great opportunity since I’d always wanted to build an app on the Salesforce platform, but I didn’t know how to start. What would I build? Did I have all the skills needed? Did I have the time? Should I ask someone for help? All these questions confounded me. Then a thought struck – maybe I could find fellow developers who had the skills I lacked.

Group Mentions in Chatter

Group Mentions

With Winter ‘14, we’re pleased to deliver a popular feature request for Chatter: group mentions! Just as you can mention users with the “@” symbol, you can now mention groups to bring a set of people into your thread. In this article, we discuss some of the subtleties of group mentions when privacy controls are in place.

Watch and Learn: New Videos for Summer ’13


The Doc team's video makers put out an astonishing 13 new videos for Summer '13!  Enjoy! Forecast Accurately with Collaborative Forecasts Find out how to maneuver around Collaborative Forecasts so that you can reach your sales goals. Chatter in Apex Learn how to create a custom user interface that displays two Chatter feeds side by […]

5 Ways to Make Your Mobile Apps Faster with the Chatter REST API

The Salesforce.com mobile apps are powered by the same public APIs that developers use. Find out about some of the innovative features we've added to the Chatter REST API to help us—and you—develop faster mobile apps.

Financial Times hacking with Chatter and Force.com

FT.com Hackathon Force.com team

  The FT.com is a financial-industry focused news agency with a reputation for quality journalism.  This shines through in the way they support innovation in their development teams.  Peter Chittum and I were lucky enough to be invited along by the Financial Times Force.com team to see this in action. The FT.com hackday included teams […]

What’s Hot in Summer 13

It's always hot in the summertime, and Ryan and I tried to heat it up a notch by spreading the word on all the new things coming out in the Summer '13 release. If you missed it but you want to see the full show, you can find the recording on youtube. We covered a lot out of the release notes in a little less than an hour, but I'll give you the cliff's notes version here.

An easy way to use the Chatter REST API

When the Chatter REST API team started work, they discovered there was to do than originally anticipated. So, they created a Java wrapper that could be easily reused by anyone working with Java and the Chatter REST API.

Getting Started with Chatter in Apex

One of the cool features we went over in the Spring '13 Developer Preview webinar was Chatter in Apex. Connect in Apex, also known as the Connect API, exposes Chatter API resources as objects in Apex to build native custom Chatter integrations on Force.com. Chatter in Apex extends current functionality of accessing Chatter data using Apex, and exposes Chatter data in a simpler way. Check out this post to see how to get started building your own customizable feed.

The Spring ’13 Preview Release Notes Are Out!

Spring is here!

The weather outside is frightful, but Spring is right around the corner. Spring '13, that is. Here are just a few things we'll be delivering in this release. User-Focused Help We broke up the huge 4000+ page "How to be Successful with Salesforce" user guide into 14 new downloadable guides, divided by role, Salesforce product […]