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French Touch Dreamin’ – The first community-led event in France

Salesforce community-led events are on the rise in Europe this year. From London's Calling - the very first Salesforce community-led conference in Europe, to Surf Force, to the recently debuted French Touch Dreamin'. This trend in community-led events is clearly a reflection of the passionate community that continues to grow around the Salesforce platform. As it […]

Collaborating with Communities – FAQ for ISVs

This FAQ answers many of the questions that you may have as you build your application and are exploring how customers can engage their external users.

Tips and Tricks for Bootstrapping Your ISV Business

For the business whose long term strategy is bootstrapping, doing it effectively is literally the difference between success or failure. They’re operating without a net. But even for businesses whose plan is to raise investment capital, bootstrapping increases the value of the company and creates operational rigor that will serve them well over time.

From Idea to Product in 5 Months: Hackathon – The Spark That Lit The Fire

The Dreamforce 2013 Hackathon was Challenging! A team of two + new technologies + a full schedule of meetings and presentations = the best of times + the worst of times. Our goal for the Hackathon was to develop a proof-of-concept mobile customer-engagement solution using newly-released iBeacon proximity sensing technology. Fast forward 5 months...

Developer Tweets of the Week

Check out this week's tweets from the Salesforce developer community.

BADz to the Bone: NYC DevZone Sessions & Schedule Details

The June 14, 2013, NYC Customer Company Tour will feature a great DevZone. We'll have a live Intro Workshop, a complete Developer Theater line up, and the ever popular mini-hacks. Click in to register and see all the details.

AngularJS and ngForce: More Fun in the Javascript Playground

A few weeks ago I started messing around with different Javascript libraries and put them up on Github as the LAB Javascript Playground. Well, lo and behold, it turns out I wasn't the only one curious about some of these. Lot's of people are working in the area. In fact, one person has gone so far as to share their very excellent code with the project.

Developers getting Cloudy – Force.com & Heroku developer communities growing across Europe

The goal of fast application development using the Salesforce platform is very appealing and the latest release has attracted over 800,000 developers. Heroku (part of the Salesforce family) is also attracting a lot of attention. By allowing developers to deploy their applications live with a simple git push command, it helps make continuous deployment a […]

Salesforce User & Developer Meetup in Salt Lake City – April 26th

Next week, April 26th, I will be in Salt Lake City for the Salt Lake City Salesforce User & Developer Meetup with a bunch of friends from the Salesforce community. The agenda, provided in the post, should set us up for a great event!

HackDay for Veterans Day

For those of you looking for a particularly technical way to honor Veterans Day this year, you should look no further than the Veterans HackDay 2011, an event brought to you jointly by LinkedIn and the White House.  This online contest will be taking project submissions starting on Friday the 11th through Monday the 14th. […]