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Introducing the Trailhead Contest for ISV and SI Partners 2015

If you're an ISV or SI Partner, take Trailhead to the next level and win some sweet prizes! From now until Dreamforce, we’re hosting monthly contests that challenge you to earn Trailhead badges for a chance to win an Apple Watch Sport or a special edition Trailhead hoodie.

The Making of a $1 Million App: How to Build Your Dream Team

So what is it going to take to make that $1 million app? With so much at stake teams will have to bring their A-game and pull out all the stops to out compete their rivals. Learn how to build your Dream Team.

Congrats to the Winners of the #GeekMetoDF Video Contest #devzone

We’ve had a lot of fun watching all your creative entries for the Geek Out to Dreamforce Video Contest. You’ve proven just how inventive, energetic, and just plain goofy our developer community is. The time has come to announce our winners!

Spring ‘13 Cloud Trivia Winners

Congratulations to our winners from the Spring '13 Cloud Trivia. Check to see if you made the list.

Get Ready for Spring ‘13 Cloud Trivia!

Spring has almost sprung and what better way to get in the spirit than with the Spring ‘13 Cloud Trivia on Wednesday, January 30.

Big Or Small, You’ll Love The Social Fleet – Salesforce Of Things

Yesterday, I introduced you to the Grand Prize winner in the Salesforce Labs Salesforce of Things event, Printer + Salesforce + Arduino = Like.  As great as that app is, I have a prediction: you will fall in love with this next video. Why?  Read on!! The Social Fleet, from Dan Kauppi, Sergei Dubinin and […]

Introducing the Grand Prize Winner for “The Salesforce of Things”

A few weeks ago, back when American Thanksgiving was just in the planning stage, Salesforce Labs kicked off a really fun project: The Salesforce of Things. We had 15 great submissions and it's my honor today to share the grand prize winner with you.