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Women in Tech: Breaking Things with Force.com Since 2007

Masha Thomas has always enjoyed breaking things, which makes programming a perfect career for her. She started developing on Force.com before Apex Code and Visualforce, when coding S-Controls was all the rage. Today, she is quietly coding away at 2U in New York City and doesn’t see herself as a “woman developer”. I am honored that she is letting me share her story.

My Top 5 Reasons to Attend ELEVATE London, March 21st

The Salesforce ELEVATE workshops are being constantly updated and improved by the Salesforce Developer Relations, Evangelist and Training teams. Simon shares his top five reasons to consider attending

Women in Tech: From Java to Apex – A Straightforward Curve

Swathi Ramini came to the NYC Salesforce1 Tour last month armed with tough questions for the DevZone staff. She had just rolled out a custom mobile app for her team, and wanted to understand the nitty-gritty details about the Salesforce1 Mobile App. She got her answers, and I got her story.

Women in Tech: Smalltalk to Apex == Writing Less Code

What happens when a Smalltalk programmer becomes a Salesforce Platform developer? She writes less code! Deanna Simpson started developing on the Salesforce Platform four years ago, after four years in Silicon Valley coding control systems for a fiber-optic switch company and a few years in Canada in various roles. Recently I had an opportunity to sit down with Deanna and discuss her journey.

Coder Day of Service Recap

Martin Luther King Weekend was a weekend of service for many, and for the Coder Day of Service participants, that service was to fix or write code for one of the 50+ social good organizations on the CodeMontage platform. The energy all day was positive and good-natured.

Women in Tech: Going From Excel Hacker to Force.com Developer

Today, I’m kicking off a blog series highlighting women developers. First up is Kristine Hankins (@kristinehankins). She represents a persona I see a lot: self-starter-power-user-turns-admin-then-coder. She also wears her WITbot t-shirt with pride. I asked her to share her story.

The Making of a $1 Million App: How to Build Your Dream Team

So what is it going to take to make that $1 million app? With so much at stake teams will have to bring their A-game and pull out all the stops to out compete their rivals. Learn how to build your Dream Team.

Happiness is … making an impact with Force.com

When Cheryl Porro, VP of Agility, Innovation, and Culture, salesforce.com Technology & Products, tweeted that she “almost drove someone to tears of joy” with the Salesforce Platform, I had to know more. Read on for more about Cheryl and the impact she made with Force.com.

The Insider’s Guide to the Dreamforce ‘13 Developer Keynote

Ask any developer who has been to Dreamforce before and they will tell you the Developer Keynote is not to be missed. Last year the session was so popular the Moscone Center Fire Wardens had us close the doors to avoid over crowding. This year is going to be even bigger, badder, and more awesome! So how does a developer get the most out of this years developer keynote? Here’s a few pragmatic pieces of advice.

Building Enterprise Mobile Apps with Salesforce Mobile Services and Appery.io

Appery.io is a cloud-based platform with visual development tools and integrated backend services, and we’ve created two plug-ins that make it super easy to connect to Salesforce Platform. Max shows you how.