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Build the World You Want, One App at a Time

The thing I like most about the AppExchange is it's openness. Anyone can publish an app. Anyone can decide if they want to give it away or charge. And anyone can decide if they want to make their app simple or complex. The AppExchange is a tool for reinvention. It's a mechanism for driving change. For some people, the AppExchange is a completely new and totally unique path to personal growth.

Customer Turns Developer Turns AppExchange Entrepreneur

Jeremy Kraybill has worked with Salesforce technology since 2006. He has been a customer, a developer and is now an enterprise app entrepreneur. I talked with Kraybill about his journey and how he helps customers succeed on the Salesforce Platform.

Boring Business Process Inspires Colorful Entrepreneur

The AppExchange can take your ideas to the world. Operating out of Montevideo, Uruguay, one entrepreneur has done just that by re-imagining a boring business process as something that's much more important to customers. With 11 five star reviews, he's well on his way.

Lead Speed Creator Makes It Rain on AppExchange

I first met Javi Mendezona when he contacted me about joining the Grab The Gold AppExchange Developer Challenge earlier this year. His submission, Lead Speed, took third overall and currently has four five-star reviews on the AppExchange. Javi is a former Salesforce employee, author of one of the most popular Salesforce Labs apps, and is […]

Hemmeter Maps Destiny with AppExchange

If you've ever run into a challenge writing an app on the Force.com platform, chances are Scott Hemmeter, founder and CEO of Arrowpointe, has been there and knows how to solve it.  Hemmeter is a frequent technical speaker, blogger, contributor on the developer boards and the Salesforce StackExchange, a Spring 12 Salesforce MVP and a […]

500 Great App Ideas

If you want to create an app for the AppExchange, but you're having trouble picking an idea, I suggest watching the Dreamforce 12 videos on YouTube. There are 712 videos, and I guarantee you'll find at least 500 great app ideas embedded in those presentations.

Simon Goodyear Talks About the AppExchange Opportunity

Simon Goodyear and the crew at Wicked Bit just made the bold move to split the company in half. Why? So they can take full advantage of the AppExchange Opportunity.