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Announcing the Platform Partner Growth Program

Today we’re introducing the first such initiative: The Platform Partner Growth Program. The new program is designed to recognize the platform growth created by the consulting partner community, and reward the leaders of sourced Saleforce1 annual contract value (“ACV”).

What’s Inside Your $1 Million Hackathon Technology Toolbox?

As you race towards the finish line of the Salesforce $1 Million Hackathon, we wanted to remind you of some of the powerful Salesforce Partner technologies you can leverage to extend your application in novel, exciting ways.

Preparing for the Salesforce $1 Million Hackathon

As you prepare to build a mobile app for the Salesforce $1 Million Hackathon next week, it may help to step back and reflect on the capabilities of the Salesforce Platform and how tapping into these capabilities will better enable you to compete. In particular, it will help to understand why, and how, access to rich customer data can give your application an edge – in both the hackathon and beyond.

Hacking on Heroku & Force.com with 500 developers

A hackathon is a very focused way to gain experience on our platforms in a short space of time.  At the recent Hacked event in London we had lots of 500 developers present asking all sorts of questions about the Heroku and Force.com platforms.  As the hackathon produced lots of custom customer facing apps, much […]

Extreme Salesforce Data: Distributed Application Partitioning with Force.com Canvas and Heroku

Extreme Salesforce Data

Want to scale your Salesforce data set to new heights? Then check out this hands-on tutorial that shows you how to implement an external application to store historical records. You also learn how to integrate its UI and user authentication into Salesforce so that your users can analyze historical data right alongside operational data. This practical step-by-step guide uses a combination of Salesforce Platform technology, including Force.com, Heroku, and Force.com Canvas.

Build Mobile Web Apps with Backbone.js and the Salesforce Platform

The new set of Mobile Packs for the Salesforce Platform provides sample apps for a range of frameworks. In this blog entry, I’ll explain some of the motivation for using a client-side JavaScript framework, focusing on the Mobile Pack for Backbone.js in particular.

Build Mobile Web Apps with AngularJS and the Salesforce Platform

Salesforce Platform Mobile services make it easier and faster for you to create mobile apps on the Salesforce platform. I had the distinct pleasure of helping with the Angular JS Mobile Pack, and today I’m going to walk you through how that sample app works. If you haven’t touched Javascript in a while, you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to use this framework once you get the hang of it. And, it’s a great introduction to Twitter’s Bootstrap at the same time.

Waza – Heroku’s developer conference in SF 2/28

Heroku’s developer conference, Waza 2013, is less than a month away. If you are in San Francisco on Thursday, 2/28 – then this is where you will want to be.

Heroku’s Waza (技), the Japanese word for art and technique, is an immersive one-day developer experience focused on craft. The event features both technical & non-technical sessions in an environment designed for collaboration and inspiration (plus very cool added happenings in music, art, and technology.)

Real-time push notifications from Force.com to Heroku using WebSockets

Third and final installment in a series that explores the design and code for Social Web-to-Lead, a Node.js application running on Heroku that allows Facebook users to save their contact information in Salesforce via a ‘Contact Me’ link. This post reviews how the application implemented real-time push notifications from Force.com to the Heroku application using WebSockets.