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Mapping The Mobile IT Ecosystem

With a vast array of options and vendors to choose from, developing a mobile app can be challenging. Download this FREE mobile IT ecosystem reference poster to help you navigate the complexity of this ecosystem.

Geolocation in Force.com

Geolocation Field Types in Salesforce1 Platform

The Force.com geolocation field type is a native field type that customers can use to encode locations with geolocation coordinates. The Spring ‘15 release makes geolocation fields generally available.


CocoaPods Support Comes to Mobile SDK

Now, iOS developers using CocoaPods can integrate the Salesforce Mobile SDK 3.1 into existing apps quickly and easily.


Contest Winners Show Off Their Skills with the Salesforce1 Mobile App

View the winners of the Salesforce 1 Labs contest and get their brand-new, mobile-ready Salesforce1 Mobile Apps free on the AppExchange.

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Implementing Single Sign-On in Mobile Applications with Salesforce Identity

The Salesforce Mobile SDK gives developers a head start in creating mobile apps that leverage the Salesforce APIs, in particular by implementing authentication in the SDK. This blog entry explains how enterprise developers can build on the Mobile SDK to satisfy requirements such as single sign-on against a corporate identity system, such as Microsoft Active Directory, application-level PIN protection, and distribution within the enterprise.


6 Lessons Learned From Hundreds of Mobile Development Projects

Tom Gersic and team have helped customers in literally hundreds of custom mobile development projects, and has learned some lessons along the way. Here are 6 common practices that will help you in your own mobile development projects.

Secure, Offline, Cross-Platform Apps with Salesforce Mobile SDK and Web Components

co-authored by Eugene Oksman (@oksman) and  Akhilesh Gupta (@akhileshgupta)   Meeting Ever Exceeding Mobile Expectations  Building a mobile app? Get ready for an escalating list of requirements! Full Offline Support Focused User Interface Infinite Scrolling Cross-Platform Deployments Branding Enterprise mobile apps are now expected to solve some of the most complicated use cases. To help developers […]

Salesforce1 Mobile App Admin Guide

Introducing the New Salesforce1 Mobile App Admin Guide

Hey, Salesforce administrators! Just in time for Dreamforce and the Winter '15 release, we have a new incarnation of the Salesforce1 Mobile App Admin Guide, designed for you, our point-and-click heroes! So, what's new about it? The biggest change is in its content. First, we've revised its scope. The previous Salesforce1 App Admin Guide focused […]


Salesforce1 Mobile App on iOS 8: Taps not correctly registering on Visualforce pages

Customers using the Salesforce1 Mobile app on devices running iOS 8 may experience issues interacting with content on Visualforce pages. Specifically, tapping on a button or input field. Here are some workarounds.


Announcing the Next Salesforce Million Dollar Hackathon!

Hackers, mark your calendars for October 10-12, 2014! We can’t wait to see what you’ll build at the Salesforce $1 Million Hackathon.