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Introducing the Trailhead Contest for ISV and SI Partners 2015

If you're an ISV or SI Partner, take Trailhead to the next level and win some sweet prizes! From now until Dreamforce, we’re hosting monthly contests that challenge you to earn Trailhead badges for a chance to win an Apple Watch Sport or a special edition Trailhead hoodie.

5 Ways to Engage the Salesforce Community

You built an awesome app, passed security review, pushed “publish my listing.” Now what?

Let’s Party: APPBASH 2014 Celebrates YOU!

After three jam-packed days of exhilarating sessions, keynotes, and networking, it’s time to kick back and celebrate YOU and all of the hard work you’ve put in to make this a Dreamforce to remember.

8 Reasons Why Partners Should Be Excited About Dreamforce

With only 19 days left until Dreamforce kicks off, here are 8 reasons why our partners should be excited to attend!

Why You Need to Build Your App on the Salesforce1 Platform

Register for the July 17th webinar to hear from product leaders at salesforce.com and other ISV partners about how independent software companies can leverage the Salesforce1 Platform to build mobile apps, faster.

Go Mobile with Salesforce1 in Four Days

How ISV Partner, Bracket Labs, went from inception to completion of their Salesforce1 mobile app in only 4 days

Looking to Get Funding? Explore Some Options from Experts

Almost 50 salesforce.com partners participated in the first of Lighter Capital’s Funding Essentials Webinars for salesforce.com partners. Here are some of the highlights!

Here’s Why the Salesforce1 Mobile App Is Going To Change Everything

Learn how easy it is to quickly build a custom app that is automatically mobile and lives in the center of all of your customer's apps and your customer's business - in the Salesforce1 mobile app.

Run Your PHP Apps on the Salesforce1 Platform

The Salesforce1 Platform now supports PHP using Heroku. Learn how the new PHP can make your app development more efficient.

New Regression Testing Process for ISVs Using Pre-Release

As salesforce.com prepares for the Summer ’14 release, we have some exciting updates to share. ISVs have frequently asked us to provide better pre-release environments so that they can do more thorough testing ahead of each major Salesforce release. We have good news! We’ve made significant improvements to the pre-release environment to address these issues.