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Build Mobile Web Apps with Backbone.js and the Salesforce Platform

The new set of Mobile Packs for the Salesforce Platform provides sample apps for a range of frameworks. In this blog entry, I’ll explain some of the motivation for using a client-side JavaScript framework, focusing on the Mobile Pack for Backbone.js in particular.

Build Mobile Web Apps with AngularJS and the Salesforce Platform

Salesforce Platform Mobile services make it easier and faster for you to create mobile apps on the Salesforce platform. I had the distinct pleasure of helping with the Angular JS Mobile Pack, and today I’m going to walk you through how that sample app works. If you haven’t touched Javascript in a while, you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to use this framework once you get the hang of it. And, it’s a great introduction to Twitter’s Bootstrap at the same time.

Using PHP for Canvas Applications

Canvas is a great and simple method of including your third party integrations within the Salesforce UI, and PHP is still one of the most commonly used web application languages on the planet – so how do you use these two great technologies together? Using Canvas with the language of your choice is very similar to integrating with our API’s – the first real obstacle is authenticating the user. After that you can access our API’s, and Canvas gives a speedy path to doing that with just JavaScript.

July 12 New Delhi Salesforce Platform Developer Meetup is On!

Welcome to the New Delhi Salesforce Platform Developer User Group!  With great interest from the developer community, Saurabh Pandey (@SaurabhTwittes), our Developer Force community leader has decided to lead the DUG.  To start it of in the right step, the inaugural of the New Delhi Salesforce Platform Developer User Group is planned in Noida on July 12. More than 100 […]

Bulk API Queries

The Spring '11 release introduced bulk queries as a pilot* feature of the Force.com Bulk API 21.0. With this feature, you can submit SOQL queries to Salesforce, run them asynchronously, and then download all your results once the query is completed. This is a huge win for any developers working with long-running queries or queries […]

Some Toolkits for Integrating Force.com with other Platforms, Languages and Devices


After going through some of the recent toolkit launches, I sat back and looked at all the toolkits, and integration options that are currently available. It is safe to say there are a lot, many of which are new; others you may not have even know exist. Here's a quick list, in no particular order: […]