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The New AppExchange Publishing Experience


We sent the AppExchange publishing experience to the gym. It’s back — lighter, leaner, and ready for your app, Lightning component, or consulting service. We can’t wait to show you what’s new.

Mapping The Mobile IT Ecosystem

With a vast array of options and vendors to choose from, developing a mobile app can be challenging. Download this FREE mobile IT ecosystem reference poster to help you navigate the complexity of this ecosystem.

Building My First App on the AppExchange

A few months ago, there was an announcement that went out to all employees about a Salesforce labs competition. The challenge was to build a mobile app, pass a security review, create a YouTube video to market it, and list it on AppExchange. This sounded like a great opportunity since I’d always wanted to build an app on the Salesforce platform, but I didn’t know how to start. What would I build? Did I have all the skills needed? Did I have the time? Should I ask someone for help? All these questions confounded me. Then a thought struck – maybe I could find fellow developers who had the skills I lacked.

Introducing the New Salesforce1 Mobile App Admin Guide

Salesforce1 Mobile App Admin Guide

Hey, Salesforce administrators! Just in time for Dreamforce and the Winter '15 release, we have a new incarnation of the Salesforce1 Mobile App Admin Guide, designed for you, our point-and-click heroes! So, what's new about it? The biggest change is in its content. First, we've revised its scope. The previous Salesforce1 App Admin Guide focused […]

The Devzone is coming up at the Salesforce1 Tour in Amsterdam 27/05


We are very pleased to announce our first Developer Zone on May 27 during our Salesforce1 Tour in Amsterdam. For those who had a chance to attend the Developer Zone at Dreamforce, we are bringing to Amsterdam the same developer experience. In this Devzone, you’ll get the chance to: Get your FREE Technical books at […]

Salesforce1 Tour London 22/05 – 1:1 Code Consult

A visit to the Developer Zone at London Salesforce1 Tour is never complete without a technical consultation or developer skills assessment. As Salesforce Developers vets can attest, these activities provide that interpersonal touch many of us look for in the conference experience. You can now sign up for your own private, 1:1 session. Need help […]

My Top 5 Reasons to Attend ELEVATE London, March 21st

The Salesforce ELEVATE workshops are being constantly updated and improved by the Salesforce Developer Relations, Evangelist and Training teams. Simon shares his top five reasons to consider attending

Get Started with Salesforce Identity

Get Started with Salesforce Identity Features

Learn how Salesforce Identity features fit together to provide coordinated user authorization management and access to third party apps. Start using My Domain, connected apps, and the App Launcher together for a streamlined user experience. And, find out more about other features like Identity Connect for Active Directory user synchronization, custom login pages, two-factor authentication, mobile apps, and reporting.

New Mobile Services For The Micro-Moment

Mobile has given rise to micro-moments. Micro-moments are about making the most of every minute of your day. For developers, its about speed of development, leveraging open source projects & leading frameworks, and making great mobile apps. Today we are announcing new tools and features for Enterprise mobile developers. It's time to live, work, and code in the micro-moment!

New Force.com Formula Tip Sheet – Reduce Your Formula Size!


Ever created a formula you were happy with, only to have it run up against the formula size limits? Did it have too many characters, or was its compile size too big? If you need help streamlining your formulas, we're pleased to announce our newest tip sheet for Summer '13: Tips for Reducing Formula Size […]