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My Top 5 Reasons to Attend ELEVATE London, March 21st

The Salesforce ELEVATE workshops are being constantly updated and improved by the Salesforce Developer Relations, Evangelist and Training teams. Simon shares his top five reasons to consider attending

Get Started with Salesforce Identity

Salesforce Identity features screenshots

Learn how Salesforce Identity features fit together to provide coordinated user authorization management and access to third party apps. Start using My Domain, connected apps, and the App Launcher together for a streamlined user experience. And, find out more about other features like Identity Connect for Active Directory user synchronization, custom login pages, two-factor authentication, mobile apps, and reporting.

New Mobile Services For The Micro-Moment

Mobile has given rise to micro-moments. Micro-moments are about making the most of every minute of your day. For developers, its about speed of development, leveraging open source projects & leading frameworks, and making great mobile apps. Today we are announcing new tools and features for Enterprise mobile developers. It’s time to live, work, and code in the micro-moment!

New Force.com Formula Tip Sheet – Reduce Your Formula Size!


Ever created a formula you were happy with, only to have it run up against the formula size limits? Did it have too many characters, or was its compile size too big? If you need help streamlining your formulas, we’re pleased to announce our newest tip sheet for Summer ’13: Tips for Reducing Formula Size […]

Sandboxes Add Templates and New Look

Sandboxes are easier to use and more flexible with the introduction of sandbox templates and an improved user interface. Use sandbox templates for precise control while coordinating, testing and deploying customizations to your production organization.

Summer ’13 Platform Training Released

The release training for Summer ’13 is now available. Now’s your chance to find out about all the new platform features in this release.

Build Connected Mobile Apps in JavaScript with New Salesforce Platform Mobile Services

Too often mobile business apps are created in silos – disconnected from customer data. The new Salesforce Platform Mobile Services solves this problem with the Mobile SDK 2.0, and new open source Developer Mobile packs for leading JavaScript frameworks like Backbone.js, and jQuery Mobile that developers know and love, and make it easy to connect to backend mobile services on the Salesforce Platform. Here’s what you need to know.

Introducing State and Country Picklists in Spring ’13

One of our top feature requests is available in Spring ’13 as a beta release: state and country picklists. Now you can pick a country or state from a pop-up list of options, rather than manually type the country or state into a text field.

The New Site.com Workbook: Build Websites With Ease

Site.com Workbook

The Site.com Workbook shows you how to build a working sample website. As you work through the tutorials, you’ll learn some of the basic elements of the Site.com Studio design application. You’ll learn how to import assets, create templates, build pages, create forms for gathering user input, and create content blocks that link dynamically to data in your Salesforce organization.