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Dobedobedo: Ruby Gem for Ruby/Do.com Developers


Introducing Dobedobedo, an Idiomatic Ruby API wrapper for the Do.com REST API, enabling rapid integration of Do.com functionality and features into existing Ruby and Ruby on Rails applications.

Dear Force.com Developers, Give Ruby a Try


Learn hands-on how to use the databasedotcom-oauth2 gem that makes Ruby development with Force.com and Database.com straightforward. Both Sinatra and Rails tutorials included!

Force.com Developers Hack For Veterans

I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank the Force.com community for the great turnout on the Veterans Day Hackathon. I know I had a great time participating and hope that LinkedIn will repeat the event next year.  As Cloudspokes Evangelist (and author of the great Chow Finder finalist entry) Jeff Douglas noted, Force.com apps accounted […]

Ruby on Rails plus Heroku: A Match Made in Heaven

A few years ago, I heard about a new open-source web app framework called Ruby on Rails. I noticed an early buzz around Ruby on Rails and just knew that I had to learn more about it. My gut was right. Since my first look at Ruby on Rails, it has become one of the […]

Developer Events in November

Fresh from vacation, I looked at the Developer event schedule for the remainder of November. And there is a LOT! From Cloudforce, to two Heroku events, it's going to be busy month.

New Force.com and Database.com Ruby gem now available


We are excited to announce the availability of the new Force.com and Database.com Ruby gem, with full source available in Github. This gem is a great example of how an open source project started way back in 2005, has evolved over time thanks to the active Ruby and Force.com community. The gem, written to leverage the Force.com […]

Generating valid self signed certificates for localhost development


Recently upgraded your Ruby version and had troubles with your self-signed certs, or looking for some simple instructions on creating valid self signed certificates for localhost development? Here are a few tips to get you up and running again.

Rails 3: which strategy for authenticating to Force.com is the best for me?


There has been some recent discussions on the activesalesforce Google groups about the best options for authenticating against the Force.com database for building apps. Here are a few thoughts based on the major user stories I see, and how to approach them

Using multiple Cloud databases with the Force.com for Ruby Toolkit


Here is some code snippets to show you how to connect to the database on Force.com and Heroku from your rails app.

Using the Force.com Toolkit for Ruby on Heroku article now live


 As the rain continues to pour, and the snow looks it will make it the streets of San Francisco this weekend, what better way to spend your weekend curled up in bed with a steaming cup of coffee, hacking out some Ruby code and deploying it onto Heroku?  What's that---You need some reading material to […]