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Building ISV Apps with Force.com and Heroku: Dreamforce Preview

Are you building SaaS applications? In this post we give you a preview of a session next week on developing apps using Force.com and Heroku. At Dreamforce, partners and customers are going to show how they are building their business in the cloud and how you can too. As a developer you’ll typically consider one […]

Preparing for the Salesforce $1 Million Hackathon

As you prepare to build a mobile app for the Salesforce $1 Million Hackathon next week, it may help to step back and reflect on the capabilities of the Salesforce Platform and how tapping into these capabilities will better enable you to compete. In particular, it will help to understand why, and how, access to rich customer data can give your application an edge – in both the hackathon and beyond.

Open Sourcing Performance Metrics Gathering for Salesforce Platform

Open Source (tm)

It’s important to understand what your customers are doing on your site. It’s even more important to understand how they’re using your site. If something goes wrong and the end user has a bad experience, it reflects poorly on the company. At salesforce.com we take this seriously. One of the main indicators we use to gauge if a customer is having a good experience is looking at how long it takes for a page of the Salesforce web application to load on the browser. We currently use an end user performance tool called jiffy to accomplish this. This post covers a version, called Kylie, we’re open sourcing and how we’re using it to influence current and future design of our product.

Tips to Make App Development a Breeze

Understand what Salesforce development environments to use in order to make app development and delivery much easier.

User Sharing: Control Who Sees Who in Your Organization

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User Sharing offers more control over who can see and collaborate with each other among your internal and external users. With Winter ’14 all new organizations have User Sharing enabled. Learn more.

Mobilize Your Apps – the Salesforce Platform ELEVATE Mobile Workshop is Here!

Elevate Mobile Track

Build an iOS or Android mobile app at the new Salesforce Platform ELEVATE Mobile Workshop! This free developer workshop covers the basics of creating a hybrid app with the Salesforce Mobile SDK, debugging, enterprise mobile functionality, and much more. The initial presentation in San Francisco is, unfortunately, sold out, but read on for more details and how to bring the ELEVATE roadshow to a city near you!

Report with Cross Filters to Find Neglected Accounts and Up-Sell Opportunities

Cross Filters Video

As you know, field filters help refine data using fields available in a report. But, sometimes you want to filter by what’s not there. For example, you might want to know which accounts are missing contacts. To get that kind of insight, you need to filter by child objects. Cross filters let you do that! […]

Five Essentials for New Salesforce Platform Developers

One question I frequently see on the Developer Force community boards comes from developers new to Salesforce Platform and follows along the lines of, “what advice would you give to new developers starting out with Force.com?” For the new developer, it can be overwhelming. Here are my top 5 suggestions.

How To: Build Enterprise Mobile Apps Using the Salesforce Platform

The Salesforce Platform enables ISVs to rapidly build enterprise mobile apps with our Platform Mobile Services. You can innovate even faster by leveraging our Mobile Packs and Mobile SDKs. In this blog post we will show you how to further enhance your mobile app and make it enterprise-grade by using a managed package.

Why Aren’t You a Llama Farmer?

November 1st of 2012, I left for an epic 6-month trip to South America with my wife and 6-year old son. There, I found that my true calling was…technology, not farming. Read on for how I used social media to catch up and my not-so-secret agenda for making more technologists.