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Maximizing Browser Performance with the Salesforce Console

This article is about the Salesforce Console for service and sales. It does not refer to the Developer Console, or the new Lightning Console Apps coming in Spring '17. As we mentioned in an earlier blog post here, there can be a significant difference in Console performance depending on which browser you choose. This article will […]

Boost Productivity in Salesforce Console with Easy Tab Switching

The Salesforce Console is designed to boost productivity in fast-paced service and sales environments. The dashboard-like interface reduces clicking and scrolling so that you can quickly find, update, or create records, and the tabs make it easy for you to see records and their related items on one screen, and work on multiple items simultaneously. […]

Huddle your global case team in seconds with Twilio conference calling

Introduction: In my last post, we looked at improving case management response time by sending real-time SMS.  In this post, we will incorporate real-time voice communication with case team members.  Case Management brings together ad hoc teams to assess, diagnose and resolve customer issues.  And, SLAs (Service Level Agreements) drive resolution urgency.  But, what happens if […]

Improving your Case Management Response time with SMS

Case Management brings together ad hoc teams to assess, diagnose and resolve customer issues. And, SLAs (Service Level Agreements) drive resolution urgency. But, what happens if issues aren’t communicated in a timely manner? What about the liabilities associated with missing your SLAs?

Open CTI—Say Goodbye to CTI Adapters

The latest  computer-telephony integration (CTI) offering from Salesforce is Open CTI.  It differs dramatically from previous Salesforce CTI offerings in that it doesn't require users to install CTI adapter programs on their machines to use Salesforce with phone systems.  That’s right—no more client applications are necessary to use the features of a CTI system with […]

The New Service Cloud Workbook: Build Help Desks for Support Agents

Service Cloud Workbook

The Service Cloud Workbook shows you how to set up multiple channels and integrate them with a help desk so that agents can respond to customers from any channel. First you'll learn basic Service Cloud features. Then you'll explore more challenging features that require code, such as Open CTI, Custom Console Components, and the Service Cloud Console Integration Toolkit.

Getting in Front of the Wave


On Wednesday, September 30th, Google will open up their Wave preview to about 100,000 people.  Details are at Google Wave Developer Blog and The Official Google Blog I am excited to announce that we have put together a new demo on how you might leverage the Wave platform on salesforce.com and how you might leverage […]