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Announcing Salesforce’s Partnership with Girl Develop It

Are you considering a career change and seeing "Salesforce experience" on job postings? Kickstart your Salesforce App Cloud training with a 1-day in-person Intro to App Building class with Girl Develop It.

Girl Develop It + Salesforce = Community Success

Guest post from Jayvin Arora about his experience as teaching assistant for Salesforce's first workshop with Girl Develop It.

Part-time Security Internship sponsored by Women in TRUST

Join the best security technologists at the most innovative company in the world, salesforce.com, for a fantastic part-time security internship.

Salesforce Hosts Techbridge Girls

Salesforce hosts Techbridge girls to help them discover a passion for STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math.

#SFWITWednesday: 5 New Year’s Resolutions For a More Diverse Team!

Welcome to the first #SFWITWednesday post of 2015! Have you ever felt like you want your company to level the gender gap to have a more diverse team? While there are things companies have been recently trying, there is a lot you can do as an individual that would make a huge difference! Add the following to your resolution list, and make sure to hold yourself accountable. Very soon you'll have your diverse team and no longer be the minority in the room!

#DF14 DevZone Video: Grow Developers. Grow Diversity.

Dreamforce 2014 video of Elaine Marino's talk, "Growing Developers. Growing Diversity.", which was a topic of conversation on Cloudlife's Podcast #39, which was recorded at 35,000 feet as Matt Morris of Desynit and James Governor of RedMonk were returning to the UK from Dreamforce 2014.

Winner of Our Grace Hopper Intern Competition

As we prepare for Grace Hopper this week, thought it would be fun to share a recent intern competition we pulled together to send one of our female interns to Grace Hopper all expenses paid.

#SFWITWednesday: WIT Dreamforce Sessions You Should Attend

Dreamforce is fast approaching, and we want to tell you what Women in Tech Dreamforce sessions we are most excited about, so you can favorite them on agenda builder.

#SFWITWednesday: Tips for Interviews at the GHC Career Fair

We're increasingly excited about the Grace Hopper Celebration that is less than a month away! We'll have several of our top notch engineers share in various sessions and we'll also have a booth at the career fair where we can't wait to meet all of you! To help you prepare for the upcoming Grace Hopper career fair, we’ve put together a few tips ensure you feel confident and ready to handle any questions that come your way. Without further ado, take a look at these tips for interviews to help you better prepare for the GHC career fair!

#SFWITWednesday: Why You Should Ask For A Raise Or Promotion

Have you ever wondered if women are getting paid less than men? Are you just waiting for the raise you deserve because you want to avoid the pressure of asking for it, or facing the risk of rejection? Are women missing out on opportunities because they just don't ask? While we are amidst conversations about gender pay gap and the lack of female leadership, women's advocates and leaders are missing a simple piece of advice. It's not just about asking for it, it's the conversation that follows that actually matters.