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Women in Tech: Master Dancer, Masters in Technology, Master Force.com Instructor

Leah McGowen-Hare was introduced to programming at an early age, but grew up wanting to be a dancer, not a programmer, and certainly not a teacher like her parents. Fate had other plans, and she found her niche as a technical trainer. She still dances in her off hours, and she also spends her time volunteering her skills to help others find their niche on the Salesforce1 Platform.

Women in Tech: Keep Trying and You Will Become a Force.com Developer

Carolina Ruiz-Medina loves geeky stuff and fashion. She brought both of those passions to Dreamforce ’13 and recently launched a new blog: Carol Code and Vogue. She’s making a big impact in the Force.com community, and it’s all the more impressive because her love of computing began in a little village in Spain. She shares her story.

Women in Tech: Caring for New York by Coding on Force.com

Jess Lopez did not plan to be a programmer, but fell in love with coding in college. She is now the Director of Web Engineering at New York Cares, helping more than 59,000 volunteers to serve 400,000 at-risk New Yorkers by coding on Force.com. She shares her story and advice here.

Women in Tech: Breaking Things with Force.com Since 2007

Masha Thomas has always enjoyed breaking things, which makes programming a perfect career for her. She started developing on Force.com before Apex Code and Visualforce, when coding S-Controls was all the rage. Today, she is quietly coding away at 2U in New York City and doesn’t see herself as a “woman developer”. I am honored that she is letting me share her story.

How My 14 Year Old Daughter Built Her First Mobile App … In 25 Minutes … Without Any Code

Car Maintenance Schema

Over the holidays, my daughter reminded me that I promised to teach her how to build a mobile app. So I told her to grab her laptop, I’d grab mine, and app building we would go. Twenty five minutes later, we were done. Here’s how we did it.

Women in Tech: From Java to Apex – A Straightforward Curve

Swathi Ramini came to the NYC Salesforce1 Tour last month armed with tough questions for the DevZone staff. She had just rolled out a custom mobile app for her team, and wanted to understand the nitty-gritty details about the Salesforce1 Mobile App. She got her answers, and I got her story.

Women in Tech: Smalltalk to Apex == Writing Less Code

What happens when a Smalltalk programmer becomes a Salesforce Platform developer? She writes less code! Deanna Simpson started developing on the Salesforce Platform four years ago, after four years in Silicon Valley coding control systems for a fiber-optic switch company and a few years in Canada in various roles. Recently I had an opportunity to sit down with Deanna and discuss her journey.

Women in Tech: Going From Excel Hacker to Force.com Developer

Today, I’m kicking off a blog series highlighting women developers. First up is Kristine Hankins (@kristinehankins). She represents a persona I see a lot: self-starter-power-user-turns-admin-then-coder. She also wears her WITbot t-shirt with pride. I asked her to share her story.

The Power of Women @ Dreamforce ’13

Dreamforce ’13 was dedicated to the power of women.  I felt that power all week, but my favorite time was meeting our developers, both men and women, in the Women in Technology Salon in the Dev Zone. Women in the Dev Zone The Women in Technology Salon was open on Monday, November 18th from 9am-1pm in […]

Top 10 Things I Learned at the Salesforce.com Girl Geek Dinner

After twelve years at salesforce.com, you’d think I’d know everything there is to know about our technology and the amazing people who build it, but the salesforce.com-sponsored Girl Geek Dinner proved me wrong. Salesforce.com’s Women in Technology team was honored to be the host for the 28th Bay Area Girl Geek Dinner. Girl Geek Dinners is […]