Create a Lightning Component for Drag-and-Drop Profile Pictures

Upload a profile picture using drag-and-drop, and display it on the Record Home page.

Configure Lighting Connect for SAP Access – Step by Step

Time for me to give back! After reading so many useful tips and blogs on all things Salesforce, I wanted to share with you a step-by-step approach to connecting your SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) system to Salesforce, without middleware! Assuming your company has SAP on the back end, the tried and true way to get data […]


Building Context-Aware Lightning Components

Lightning Components and App Builder offer new and exciting capabilities for application composition on the platform. For example, you can now edit a page layout in App Builder and add Lightning Components to provide additional information or tools to the page (pilot feature in Winter 16). For these components to be useful, they need to […]


Data Chunking Techniques for Massive Orgs

Learn how to use 2 awesome PK chunking techniques along with some JavaScript to effectively query large databases that would otherwise be impossible to query.


Meet the new Trailhead

Introducing the biggest Trailhead release ever. Trailhead now has a all new look, LinkedIn integration, localized trails and much more!


Lightning Map Component Revisited

In this article, I revisit the Map component I shared a few months ago, incorporating some lessons learned around component lifecycle, timing, and race conditions. Check out this video to see the new Map component in action in the Lightning Experience. The component shows all the locations for a specific account. Basic Component Setup <aura:component> […]

Important Change to Lightning Components in Winter 16

It’s been a year now since Lightning Components were Beta, just before Dreamforce 14. And as we like to do in Developer Relations, we’ve been doing everything we can to help developers adjust, adapt to, and adopt this exciting new UI technology. But there is an important change coming in Winter 16 that everyone should […]

Upcoming Maintenance on Developer Edition sign-up

Heads up, Salesforce Developers – we’ll be performing maintenance on our Developer Edition sign-up infrastructure this weekend. During this maintenance window you will not be able to create a brand-new Developer Edition. You will still be able to access any existing Developer Edition. This maintenance is needed in order to bring you the Winter ’16 […]

Create your own Lightning Progress Bar

Create your own Lightning Progress Bar using Javascript and bootstrap


Mass Update Leads Using the Lightning Component Framework

In this blog we will see how we can easily search and update the status of multiple Leads using Lightning Components. These components provide you with the options of searching Leads, updating the Status for selected Leads, and assigning the selected Leads to yourself. Below is a screenshot of the Mass Update component. Installing the […]