Creating Lightning Components by Salesforce University

Creating Lightning Components: Action Processing and Binding Data

If you read our last post (the second in this series) and watched Module 2: Component Markup and Style of our online course Creating Lightning Components, you learned a bit about the component bundle, and the markup and style resources within a bundle where developers create the presentation for a component’s user interface. However, even the […]

Creating Lightning Components by Salesforce University

Creating Lightning Components: The Bundle as Scaffolding

In our last post (the first in this series) we pointed out some of the reasons why Lightning Components are not “just another JavaScript UI framework.” If you watched Module 1: Introduction to Lightning Components of our online course Creating Lightning Components, you learned a bit about where they can be used, some of the benefits of […]

Survey App Data Model

Single Page Survey Application with Visualforce, jQueryMobile and Knockout

Introduction I’ve written a number of survey applications in the past, some aimed at desktop devices and some aimed at mobile. The common theme for all of these was a round-trip to the server to navigate to the next or previous question, which resulted in a number of abandoned surveys started by people with a […]


Using the Salesforce1 Platform as an Enterprise MBaaS

Did you know that the Salesforce1 Platform does over 2 billion transactions a day, with more than than half of these transactions happen via the API! Combine this with enterprise mobile features such as secure offline, sync, and more, and you have a great MBaaS. Get started building mobile apps using Salesforce1 services with the new mobile tutorial now.


Did You Submit a DevZone Presentation for Dreamforce 2015?

Dreamforce 2015 DevZone Call for Presentations is open and we are actively seeking to increase the diversity of our speakers. Did you submit a presentation yet? If not, tell us why and see my reply. We want everyone to participate in the DevZone Call for Presentations, and we are here to help.


A Wrap-up of New Articles, Blogs and Video Tutorials

Get a wrap-up of all the latest new articles, blogs, video tutorials and developments organized by topic in this quick-reference post.


Creating Lightning Components: Single Page Applications

Don Robins explains what Lightning Components are all about, highlights what makes the framework different from other frameworks that can be used to build mobile web apps for Salesforce1, and introduces a new video course from Salesforce U.


Displaying Summary and Matrix Reports with Lightning Components

Learn how to modify the Report App to display simple summary and matrix reports using Lightning Components.


Lightning Process Builder Hot Topics: Q&A with Product Manager, Shelly Erceg

Learn how Process Builder can help you manage bulk handling issues, how to move processes between orgs, choose the right automation tool, and more using these tips and techniques from Product Manager, Shelley Erceg.


Creating a Salesforce Lightning Map Component

Learn how to create a Map component using Lightning Components. Step-by-step instructions and source code provided. This component also shows how to load external Javascript libraries and CSS stylesheets using the ltng:require tag.