Dreamforce 2016 DevZone Call for Presentations is Live!

It’s that time of year again! The DevZone Call for Presentations for Dreamforce 2016 is live, and it’s time for you to submit your ideas for a killer session about your experiences and expertise. Sessions presented by community members (like you!) make up a majority of the sessions in the DevZone, and we want to […]

Heroku Connect

Getting Started with the Heroku Connect API

In this blog you will learn the basics of the new Heroku Connect API (currently in beta) and you will see from code examples how you can use the APIs to manage and monitor Heroku Connect. Intro to Heroku Connect Heroku is a great place to run customer-facing web and mobile apps that are built […]


Introducing The LockerService For Lightning Components

This is an introductory post about a new security feature for Lightning Components called "LockerService (LS)". LockerService uses various technologies and techniques to make Lightning Components secure. It will be available as a critical update as part of Summer '16 and will be enforced in Winter '16.

Where's Astro

Where’s Astro? Trailhead Needs Your Help!

Attention, Trailblazers! Our beloved mascot Astro has gone missing and might be in grave danger. Team Trailhead needs your help to solve the mystery. Are you ready?

Trailhead at CeBIT Theater Schedule

CeBIT is less than a week away! Every day the Trailhead Theater will have a full program with talks to help introduce anyone to using Salesforce App Cloud. Core Talks all Week The core program of Trailhead Theater will be comprised of the following four talks which will repeat all week long. Build Applications with Force.com There […]

Salesforce Connect: A Look Behind the Curtain

Salesforce Connect allows you to get a 360-degree view of your customer within Salesforce, even if your data exists in another system. In this blog we’ll show you the queries that Salesforce Connect generates as you interact with the different capabilities of the platform. While you don’t need to know about these “black box” queries when using the standard […]

Trailhead Zone

Trailhead Zone @CeBIT: Which Trail Should You Choose?

Trailhead is the interactive learning environment that is changing how people learn enterprise software. It offers fun and interactive challenges, telling you immediately when you’ve solved the problem at hand. Thousands of admins and developers have earned badges solving challenges on Trailhead. Trailhead Zone offers a live experience of Trailhead for Salesforce Admins and Developers. […]

Integrating the Jasper Control Center API with Force.com

Jasper's Control Center platform manages IoT devices on the mobile network, allowing mobile network operators to deliver services tailored to the requirements of connected products. Learn how the Force.com Toolkit for Jasper allows Force.com apps to manage connected devices via the Control Center platform.


Introducing the Salesforce Lightning Inspector

As any professional web app developer knows, debugging your web apps is one of the most challenging aspects of the development lifecycle. In fact, one of the driving factors behind the emergence and popularity of Google’s Chrome browser in the developer community was its superior developer tools. But as good as those tools have become, challenges […]


Lightning Components in Visualforce with Lightning Out

Lightning Out is a feature that extends Lightning Apps and acts as a bridge to surface Lightning Components in any remote web container. This means you can use your Lightning Components inside of an external site (i.e. Sharepoint or SAP), in a hybrid app built with the Mobile SDK, or even elsewhere in the App Cloud like on Heroku or in a Visualforce (VF) Page. This article covers the basics of how to put Lightning Components in Visualforce pages, and mitigate navigation for different app environments you might be using the component in simultaneously.