Streaming Salesforce Events to Heroku Kafka

Heroku recently announced the new Apache Heroku Kafka service making it possible to have a managed and distributed commit log in the cloud. Apache Kafka was originally developed at LinkedIn, and provides a high-throughput and low-latency event-based system. (Note: For more details on what a “distributed commit log” is and why LinkedIn created Kafka, check […]

London SalesforceTour

Trailhead Zone at London Salesforce Tour 2016

a quick guide to the Trailhead Zone at London SalesforceTour

Migrating from MySQL to Postgres in 20 Minutes (give or take)

This blog tells the story of how we changed our website, including Trailhead, from a MySQL cluster running on Amazon, to a Postgres database on Heroku. I’ll share some of the technical details, but the important part is that we improved performance, got an easier environment to work in, and gained the ability to […]

Heroku Connect with Flask and Psycopg2

Heroku Connect makes it easy to build Heroku apps that share data with your Salesforce organization. This post shows you how to run a Python Flask app with Psycopg2 on Heroku, which uses Heroku Connect to sync data between PostgreSQL and Salesforce. Psycopg is the most popular PostgreSQL database adapter for the Python programming language. Psycopg2 is a […]


Meet our New EMEA Developer Evangelists

The EMEA team are excited to welcome two new members to the Developer Evangelist team: René Winkelmeyer and Philippe Ozil. René Winkelmeyer (Germany) René comes to Salesforce from having been Head of Engineering for a mobile security company. His focus was on mobile device and application management. Prior to that he has worn many hats and […]

Slack and Salesforce Integration

Slack is a team collaboration application that has gained a significant amount of momentum over the last few years. One of the things that sets Slack apart is the simple and powerful way it can integrate with external applications. In this article, we will review three approaches you can use to integrate Slack and Salesforce: […]

Progress as of Saturday evening overlaid atop photo of devs working with charity members

Dallas Developers Configure Salesforce for Non-profits

The Dallas Developer User Group (#DallasSFDC) has participated in Dallas Give Camp for the past three years. During Give Camp 2015, the Dallas Developer User Group set up two non-profits this past year. This was our most ambitious effort and successful Give Camp to date. This article outlines our experiences and what we’ve learned over […]

This is Salesforce TrailheaDX: A new kind of developer conference

Salesforce is home to the most passionate, innovative developer community in the world. With more than 2.5 million members (and growing!), it’s the force behind more than 5.5 million apps and the industry’s largest enterprise software app store. This community is redefining how companies run and grow customer relationships. TrailheaDX, our first ever developer conference, […]

Introducing Digibe MRM for Samsung ARTIK Cloud

Last week Samsung announced the Samsung ARTIK Cloud™, a platform to connect devices to the internet and to make that data useful to consumers and to businesses. It’s a new cloud of data that can fit into an infinite number of use cases for Salesforce ISVs, app developers, and systems integrators. Together with this cloud is a new Salesforce-native […]

Dreamforce 2016 DevZone Call for Presentations is Live!

It’s that time of year again! The DevZone Call for Presentations for Dreamforce 2016 is live, and it’s time for you to submit your ideas for a killer session about your experiences and expertise. Sessions presented by community members (like you!) make up a majority of the sessions in the DevZone, and we want to […]