Luminary Developer Sessions at Dreamforce 2015

We are honored to have eleven amazing thought leaders joining us in the DevZone at Dreamforce 2015 to share their experience, inspiration, and practical advice around Diversity in Tech. These luminaries will address two key themes: Growing Developers and Workplace Inclusion.


Creating Loosely Coupled Components with the Lightning Component Framework and App Builder

After the Hotel Locator application I shared last week, here is another example demonstrating how to build loosely coupled components with the Lightning Components Framework, and how to compose an application using these components in App Builder. This example highlights some important concepts when building components: Two-way data binding Change tracking Intercomponent communication using events […]

Quick Development Tips for Live Agent

If you’ve implemented Salesforce Live Agent, or are about to, you have probably looked at all the declarative options from the Setup pages related to Live Agent. But what more can you do to help agents reduce clicks or to accomplish common goals such as ensuring a case is always created for the chat interaction? […]


Application Composition with Lightning Components and App Builder

The Lightning Component framework makes it easy for developers to build rich user interface components. Lightning App Builder makes it easy for anybody (developers and non-developers) to build beautiful and interactive applications by assembling standard and custom components in a point-and-click environment and without writing code. In this article, I share two custom components that […]

Gearset Deploy code difference viewer makes org comparisons easy

Salesforce Deployment Using Gearset Deploy

Redgate, like many companies before us, has switched to Salesforce for our CRM system and experienced huge improvements as a result. It’s proved invaluable, allowing us to delete millions of lines of code and remove gigabytes of on-premises data that we previously had to manage and back up. In amongst all the benefits, however, there […]

Share Content On WhatsApp Using Lightning

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps, with one-third of world’s population is using Whatsapp on their smartphones. That is why I thought to implement a functionality by which user can share content on WhatsApp. I implemented this with Salesforce1 Lightning. I got this idea from Query Rain . In this demo I am […]

Salesforce Integration

Integrating With Salesforce Using Apex

Introduction This article concludes the series, Learning Salesforce Integration, which details various integration options with Salesforce. It covers using Apex for building integrations, which becomes a necessity for not-so-straight-forward scenarios. Though the scenarios listed here are simple, the idea is to share code snippets that can be used to quickly build a working interface. So why take […]

Heroku Connect - Connect Salesforce and Heroku

Heroku Connect: Now with Free Salesforce API Calls

Heroku Connect provides seamless data synchronization between Heroku Postgres databases and Salesforce organizations. Without writing a single line of integration code, you can sync hundreds of millions of Salesforce records in near real time using a simple point-and-click UI.  Resiliency and data consistency are assured with robust automatic error recovery and easy to use Salesforce […]

Why every Developer should come to Dreamforce 2015

We are 10 weeks away from another epic year of Dreamforce for developers. With the Salesforce developer community surpassing 2.1 million developers this year, we are going all out.  We have decided to switch things up a bit. For starters, we won’t hold a $1 million hackathon this year. Instead, we are focusing on elevating […]


Welcome to the Summer ’15 Class of Developer MVPs!

Get to know the latest members of the Salesforce Developer MVP program. These community leaders represent the best of the developer community.