Salesforce Integration SOAP API Sample WSDL Structures

Introduction This blog post is second in the Learning Salesforce Integration series, a continuation of An Introduction: Integrating with the Salesforce Platform. Talking more about SOAP API, we understand that it is one way that allows us to build inbound web services (WS) using minimum customization within Salesforce. That means the client application needs to import the […]

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Easy IoT: Associating an Electric Imp Device with a Salesforce User

Learn how to associate an Electric Imp device with a specific Salesforce user, and create custom object and Case records from the Electric Imp agent.

For Modern Architects: You Telecommute, Why Not your Data?

We all hate traffic.  We all hate commuting.  But what is most distressing is the sheer number of hours we spend traveling to and from an office, often with little or no productivity. As an avid telecommuter, it’s clear to me that there are definitely better ways to spend my time than having my blood […]


Running A Salesforce Aura App Locally And On Heroku

Aura framework is an open-source UI web framework from Salesforce. Lightning Components framework is built on top of Aura framework. In this blog you'll learn how to install an Aura framework based Tic-tac-toe app on Heroku.


Add the Salesforce Mobile SDK to existing iOS projects

One of the most common questions I get when working with iOS developers is How do I add the Salesforce Mobile SDK for iOS to my existing project? The good news is that it is much easier than you think. I just wrote a tutorial on how to do it.


Developer Success Story – Clara Perez

Caribbean Call Center to MVP A Forced Career Change Leads to Mastering Just a few short years ago, Clara Pérez was working in the only job she could find at the time – at a call center in her home country of the Dominican Republic. At the urging of a friend, she learned […]

Modern Architectures: Throwing Down the Gauntlet

Cloud. Mobile. Big Data. Data Science. Internet of Things (IoT). We know that these trends are harnessing ubiquitous technological power to connect to nearly everything  – bringing a world of opportunity for businesses to build apps that connect employees, partners, data, and even products, in entirely new ways. But as a CIO, CTO, or Enterprise […]


Join us for the Summer of Trailhead!

This summer you can join your local developer or user group to get hands-on learning Salesforce with Salesforce Trailhead!


Building Custom “Loading..” Spinners In Lightning Components

In this blog we'll see how easy it is to use Lightning Components framework build a "Spinner" component that provides 7 different types of "Loading..." indicators. This component can then be easily be used in any other Lightning app.


Understanding System Events In Lightning Components – Part 2

Lightning Components framework fires several system events. In this blog we'll look into what set of System events are fired in what scenario. This helps us keep business logic in appropriate event handlers.