Community Update: Wiki Pruning, lots of Code Samples and IDE/Workbench/Google news

Pruning the wiki. Also: many new code samples on Visualforce and Email Services, blogs on PDF and Workflow, Workbench 2.0 and Summer '08 IDE.

It’s been far too long since the previous community update. To be fair, I have been doing a fair bit of traveling, mostly on the Tour de Force. Check out our videos from the Dublin event for a taste. In the interim we’ve released the awesome Google Data API Toolkit, and a new version of the IDE.

Besides the events, I’ve been doing a fair bit of blogging and learning about the platform. Right now I’m spending a lot of time pruning the wiki. I hope to make a few improvements, including making things a little easier to find. I’ve also started to use some of the wiki capabilities such as categories. So for example, here is a page of multimedia items on the wiki. It’s not complete yet, but I hope you find it useful. Feel free to ping me about the wiki and any changes you would like to see (or not to see 🙂 ).

Enjoy the rest of this post, wherein I point to most of the new items that have appeared on recently.



We have a couple of new resources for you:


Check out the following new code samples:

Many thanks to Andrew Waite and Rasmus Mencke for these great samples.


Here are some blog posts that caught my eye:


The following events/screencasts/webinars are now available for your viewing pleasure:

Upcoming Events

From our event calendar, we have the following events that may interest you:


Education Services

Education services have two upcoming courses:


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July 15, 2008

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Community Update: Wiki Pruning, lots of Code Samples and IDE/Workbench/Google news